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ramakant maharaj's lecture

One more great  Maharaj's lecture. Spring 2015

ramakant maharaj lecture 2015

I think this is the best lecture by Maharaj in recent months. There are considered the most difficult aspects of the spiritual practice. We remind you that you can use any of the content posted on this site for private use. Commercial use of this content is strictly prohibited. Any use or copy of informational materials of the site can be made only with indication of the source.

ramakant maharaj lectures 2011

One of the first Maharaj,s lectures recorded by me

Nisargadatta Maharqaj. Siongs of Devotion

Here presents a completely unique voice recording Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja, acting Shejarti Ashtak and Palana song. Audio recording  graciously provided by Sri Ramakant Maharaj. Edited and published in 2013.

ramakant_maharaj_moning bhajans

After repeated attempts, these Bhajan was able to write only in the spring of 2011. It took three months to clear entries from extraneous sounds, including noise from local air force base helicopters.

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Даст Бог, все получится)))

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