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At present I am at native place. Network is problem. We will be in Nashik by 2nd of January 2015 Further Our Pilgrimage program nearly fixed. We will start from Ashram on 25th Jan at 8:30 p.m. and will reach first place around 6:00 a.m. on 26th Jan. We will stay at PATHARI Sholapur and next day 27th Jan will start from Patri to UMDI native placeof Bhahausaheb Maharaj. Next Nimbargi Native place of Guruligjangam Maharaj. Then to Hinchgiri Bhausaheb Maharaj Ashram. Next to Nimbal Ashram of Gurudev Renade. Then to Kannur Ganpatrav Maharaj Ashram and will stay overnight.Next on 28th visit to Bagewadi Ashram and then to CHIMMAD Ashram and will stay overnight. On 29th we will go to VITE Sangli Revan Nath Maharaj,our linage Chief. Then to Kadsiddeshwar Swami Ashram and will stay night. On 30th we will visit PHONDAGHAT Ashram and will stay night. Next day will visit Kandalgav Nisargadatta Maharaj Ashran and will back to Phondaghat, stay overnight. And on the 1st Feb we will visit Shivthar Ghal place of DASHBODH written by Shri Ramdas Swami. We will stay night. On 2nd Feb we go to Mahabaleshwar Ashram, then to Parali Ashram below Sajjangadh and stay night. On 3rd we will go to Sajjan Gadha and then will visit ALANDI Dnayneshwar Maharaj Samadhi and DENU Saint TUKARAM Maharaj Ashram. Then we back NASHIK ASHRAM on 4th Morning. Please inform the program of visit to various pilgrimages those who like to participate. JAI GURU!

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