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Manache Shlok (transliteration, translation)


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Shree Manache Shlok

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Shree Manache Shlok


English translation of Samarth Ramdas Swami's Manache Shlok. ver.1

English translation of Samarth Ramdas Swami's Manache Shlok.ver.2

1 ganadheesh jo eesh sarva gunaancha
mularambh aarambh to nirgunaancha
namu sharada mool chatvar vacha
gamu panth anant ya raghavacha
God Ganesh, the god of all virtues and to whom the spirit owes its origin;
Goddess Sharda, the goddess of speech; we bow to them.
Now we will explore the way to reach Lord Rama which is considered as infinite.
Ganesha, the Lord of all virtues,
In whom takes origin the transcendant Truth,
And Sharada, mother of Speech,
To them we bow in reverence,
To lead the life in Rama's eternal remembrance.
2 mana sajjana bhakti panthechi jaave
tarii shree harii paavije to swabhave
janii nindhyate sarv soduuni dyaave
janii vandyate sarv bhaave karave
Let us follow the path of honesty and devotion.
This path will lead us to Shri Hari.
Let us shun everything that is condemned and do everything that is commendable with the full devotion of mind.
Oh, gentle Mind! follow you the path of devotion,
Divine grace receive, Its own nature leaves no option.
When among people, all calumny abjure,
With all strength of heart, pursue deeds that all adore.
3 prabhate manii ram chintiit jaava
pudhe vaikharii raam aadhii vadava
sadachaar haa thor saandu naye to
janii tochi to manavii dhanya hoto
Let us remember Lord Rama every morning.
Let us start all our work by chanting Shri Ram.
Let us always stick to the good behaviour.
Only the person of good action is held in esteem in this world.
Wake up with thoughts of Rama;
Let the first word you speak be of Rama;
Truthful conduct never abandon,
Only then will you be blessed above everyone.
4 mana vaasna dusht kama na ye re
mana sarvatha paap buddhii nako re
mana sarvatha niiti sodu nako ho
mana antarii saar veechaar raaho
Our evil desires are of no use.
Sinful thoughts should not come to our mind.
We should always have ethics.
We should always know the real truth in our mind.
Oh, my Mind! evil desires will yield no fun,
Oh, my Mind! sinful thoughts wholly abandon;
Oh, my Mind! moral character never cast aside;
Oh, my Mind! in your innermost heart let abide
Thoughts of the essence of Existence!
5 mana paap sankalp soduuni dyava
mana satya sankalp jiivii dharaavaa
mana kalpana te nako viish yanchii
vikare ghade ho janii sarv chee chee
Let us shun all sinful plans.
Let us work on the plan that will lead us to the truth.
Let us not always think about sensual pleasures.
If our mind gets corrupted then we lose our reputation amidst people.
Oh, my Mind! move away from sinful intent;
Oh, my Mind! truth-inspired motives do cherish in your heart;
Oh, my Mind! dwell not on ideas of indulgence,
Know for sure, their ill-effects will
Everywhere, disgust produce!
6 nako re mana krodh haa khedkaarii
nako re mana kaam nana vikarii
nako re mana lobh hey angikaru
nako re mana mastroo damb bhaaru
Let us say no to anger which makes us feel sorry.
Let us not corrupt our mind with all sorts of desires.
Let us shun the doership of actions.
Let us not praise ourselves due to the jealousy for others.
Oh, my Mind! harbor no anger, grief is its product;
Oh, my Mind! have no lustful desires, root of sickness galore;
Oh, my Mind! never give shelter to jealousy
Oh, my Mind! and neither to hypocrisy.
7 mana shresht dharisht jiivii dharave
mana bolne niich soshiit jaave
svaye sarvada namra vaache vadave
mana sarv lokansi re niivavaave
Let us have great patience.
Let us bear the evil words spoken to us.
Let us always speak politely.
Let us always understand others.
Oh, my Mind! in your heart great courage ensure,
Oh, my Mind! and insults do endure;
Humble words always utter,
Oh, my Mind! to all refreshing joy do offer.
8 dehe tyaagitaa kirti maage uravi
mana sajjana hechi kriya dharavi
mana chandanache pari twa jhijaave
pari antari sajjana niivavaave
Let us do something so that our good name remains even after perishing of our body.
Let us do all good actions honestly.
Let us wear out like sandalwood.
Let others receive benefit out of our sufferings.
Let fame prevail after one's death,
Only thus lead your life before death, oh! my gentle and upright Mind!
Like sandalwood, let fragrance emanate,
More so when for other's sake its body wastes;
And yet, oh Mind! offer joy to other gentle hearts.
9 nako re mana dravya te poodhilanche
ati swaarth buddhi nare paap saanche
ghade bhogne paap te karm khote
na hota mana sarikhe dukh mothe
Let us not keep an eye on others money.
Selfishness adds to our sins.
Let us avoid actions that will lead to incurring sin.
We will always feel sad if we have lot of expectations.
Hanker not, oh Mind!, others' wealth abhor,
In selfishness demerits only you will store.
Untruthful are the acts that lead one to suffer the wages of sin.
Great grief befalls one with desires unfulfilled in the mind's
10 sada sarvada preeti raamii dharavii
sukhachii svaye saandi jeevii karavii
dehe dukh hey sukh maaneet jaave
viveke sada svasvaroopii bharave
Let us always have love for Rama. Let us remove sadness from mind. We should learn to consider the sufferings that our body undergoes for good cause as happiness. We should always have knowledge of our true self in our mind. Ever hold on to Rama's love,
Strive yourself, the grief from your heart relieve;
Bodily pleasure and pain alike, accept their play,
With discrimination, in your true Self forever stay.
11 janii sarva sookhii asa kon aahe
vichare mana tuuchi shodhuni paahe
mana twachi re poorv sanchit kele
taya saarikhe bhogane praapt zhaale
Who in this world is happy in all respects.
Let us think over it.
Whatever we have accumulated through our past actions,
we have to suffer on that account.
Who ever there be, in happiness complete?
Oh, Mind! look within and search with thought replete;
Oh, dear Mind! garnered from actions past,
Have you reaped the fruits, alas!
12 mana manasi dukh aanu nako re
mana sarvatha shok chinta nako re
viveke dehe buddhi soduuni dyavii
videhii pane mukti bhogeet jaavii
We should not bleed our mind with sorrow.
We should not be engrossed with sadness and worries.
We should discover our true self and should understand that our existence is not restricted to our body alone.
Our existence is beyond our body and free from all shackles.
Oh, dear Mind! shelter no grief in your heart;
Oh, dear Mind! nor sadness nor worry;
Bondage of body, with discrimination abandon,
Thus in delight , to Freedom hearken!
13 mana saanga paa raavana kaay zhale
akasmaat te rajya sarvai budale
mhanonii kudii vasaana saandi
vegii bale lagala kaal haa paathi laagii
See what happened to Ravana. He lost the whole kingdom all of a sudden. Therefore let us shun evil desires. Let us know that the death will consume us in the course of time. Oh, dear Mind! know you not Ravana's fate?
Lost all his kingdom, least did he expect;
Speedily, therefore, vile desires slay,
Death does stalk you, with not a moment's delay!
14 jiva karma yoge janii janma zhala
parii shevtii kaal mookhi nimaala
maha thor te mryutyu panthechi gele
kitii ek te janmale aani mele
All beings of this world take birth and lose life.
Even the greatest ones cannot escape from death.
Many have born and died.
Birth resulted from actions past,
Death's jaws stilled him at last;
The way of Death even the greatest do trace,
Countless are born, and countless end in grave.
15 mana paahata satya he mryutyu bhoomii
jitaa boltii sarv hii jiiv mii mii
chiranjiiv he sarv hii maanitaati
akasmaat saanduniya sarv jaatii
If seen properly we can see that everyone on this earth has to die.
But still people magnify their ego.
People think that they wont die and they will live forever.
But all of a sudden everything is gone.
True this mortal world does appear, oh, Mind!
With every breath each one saying "I" and "Mine",
Deathless they all think themselves to be,
Only to disappear hastily, with no trace behind.
16 mare ek tyacha duja shok vaahe
akasmaat tohi pudhe jaat aahe
purena janii lobh re kshobh tyaate
mhanonii janii maagutaa janma ghete
People feel sad about death of their dear ones.
They are themselves heading to death.
Greed makes one angry.
Greed also pushes one into the cycle of death and rebirth.
Death strikes one, but grief is shouldered by another!
Even the other faces the same in future;
Greed unmet, dear alas!, gives way to anger,
And lo! again is he born for sure.
17 manii manava vyartha chinta vahate
akasmaat honaar houni jaate
ghade bhogne sarv hii karmayoge
matii mand te khed maanii viyoge
People keep their minds full of sorrows and worries.
But the thing, that has to happen, happens suddenly.
We should renounce the doership in everything that happens.
A person who can not understand feels sad about the happenings.
Vain is the worry one carries in the mind;
Unexpected, the inevitable comes to pass;
All experience is shaped by actions past;
Misery the lot for the dim of wit, disjoined from the truth of mind.
18 mana raghave viin aasha nako re
mana manavachii nako kirti tuu re
jaya varnitii vede shastre purane
taya varnita sarv hii shlaghyavaane
We should always long for Lord Rama.
We should not magnify our ego.
Lord Rama is described by the Vedas and the Puranas.
After describing Lord Rama nothing more needs to be described.
Oh, dear Mind! in Rama alone have hope, be not weary;
Oh, dear Mind! indulge not in flattery,
Whom all the scriptures and myths do laud,
Praise That, which includes All!
19 mana sarvatha satya saandu nako re
mana sarvatha mithya maandu nako re
mana satya te satya vaache vadave
mana mithya te mithya soduuni dyaave
We should never be away from the truth.
We should not concieve anything without base.
We should speak the truth and shun the baseless.
Oh, dear Mind! never forsake the eternal truth;
Oh, dear Mind! cling to never the eternal falsehood;
Truth alone speak, with truthful speech, oh Mind!
Untruth hold never, falsehood ever abjure, oh Mind!
20 bahu himputii hoiije mayapoti
nako re mana yaatana techi mothi
nirodhe pache kondile garbh vaasii
adhomookh re dukh tya balakaasii
If we are trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth then we have to undergo great hardships. The womb much sadness holds,
Oh, dear Mind! wish not for such pain;
Suffocating is the imprisonment in the womb;
Dear, alas! what a sad plight of the child, with its face down!
21 mana vasana chuukvii yerazhaara
mana kamana sandi re drvya dhaara
mana yatana thor he garbh vaasi
mana sajjana bhetvii raaghavasii
Let us keep the desires at a distance.
Let us not disturb the tranquility of mind.
Let us renounce the cravings for wealth and wife.
Constantly changing the state of mind results in agony.
Let us reach out to Lord Rama by adhering to the path he has shown.
Oh Mind! these wearisome journeys escape,
O dear Mind! let go the passions for lust and wealth;
Oh Mind! great is the torment of a life in the womb;
O Mind! make me embrace Rama and the saints!
22 mana sajjana hiit mazhe karave
raghunayaka dhruda chitii dharave
maharaj to swami vayusutaachaa
jana uddharii naath loktrayacha
Let us do good to ourselves.
Let us install firmly personality of Lord Rama in the mind.
Lord Rama is the master of Hanuman, the son of the Wind God.
He can grant salvation to all the three worlds.
Oh, saintly Mind! grant me the true welfare;
Embrace Rama firmly in your heart,
The Emperor, master of Hanumat,
Lord of the three worlds, humanity's Savior.
23 na bole mana raghave viin kaahii
janii vaauge bolta sukh naahi
ghadii ne ghadii kaal ayushya neto
dehaantii tula kon sodu pahato
Let us speak the truth. Speaking other than truth will not lead to happiness.
The life is ending continuously by the passing of time.
What can we do once the life is over?
Oh Mind! speak of Rama and nothing else whatsoever,
Untrue words bring to the mind nothing but fever;
Moment by moment does Death creep up on your life;
When arrives the last moment,who will save your life?
24 raghunayaka viin vaaya shinaave
jana saarikhe vyarth ka vosanave
sada sarvada naam vaache vaso de
ahanta mani papinii te naso de
Let us not put ourselves to trouble by forgetting Lord Rama.
Let us not speak rubbish.
Let us speak the truth.
Let the sin in the form of ego be kept away from our mind.
Without Rama, why labor in vain?
Why mimic others, and jabber in vain?
For ever let His Name reside on your tongue,
Sinful self-conceit, on it never ever get hung.
25 mana viit maanu nako bolnyaacha
pudhe maaguta raam jodel kaicha
sukhachii ghadii lotata sukh aahe
pudhe sarv jaaiil kaahii na raahe
Dont get fed up by speaking the truth. Otherwise how You can unite with Lord Rama? You want to enjoy the present moment. Think what remains thereafter. Oh Mind! feel no disgust for this advice,
Ever commune with Rama, or how else?
That moment of joy will bring the next one again,
Else, all will be lost, and nothing remain.
26 dehe rakshana kaarne yatnya kela
parii shevatii kaal gheuni gela
karii re mana bhakti yaa raghavachii
pudhe antarii sodi chinta bhavachi
You dont want to undertake any work.
You want to give rest to your body.
Ultimately the body will come to an end by the passing of time.
Show the courage to stick to the qualities on the basis of which
Lord Rama lived his life.
Dont burn your heart for the wordly worries.
To preserve the body you did labor,
Only to be snatched by Death;
Oh my dear Mind! to Rama your devotion offer, To be rid of the dread of both birth and death.
27 bhavacha bhaye kaay bheetos landi
dharii re mana dheer dhaakasi saandi
raghunayaka saarikha swami shiirii
nupekshi kada koplya dand dhaarii
Dont get let down by the wordly miseries.
Show courage.
Give up the mental stress.
Lord Rama is the protector.
He wont forget you even if the whole world goes adverse to you.
Why fear , you coward! these cycles of deaths and births,
Courage, oh my dear Mind! let go your fright,
With Rama's lordship in your life,
For your sake will He angry death despise.
28 dinanaath haa raam koudand dhaarii
pudhe dekhta kaal poti tharari
mana vakya nemast hey satya maani
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimanii
Lord Rama, who is the protector of the afflicted, welds a bow in his hand.
Even the death shivers at the sight of Lord Rama.
Let us understand the truth.
Lord of the humble, is Rama , armed with the bow,
In confrontation, even Death trembles all over;
Oh Mind! this timeless truth regard,
Zealous of His devotees, never shall Rama them forsake.
29 padi raghavaache sada beed gaaje
bale bhaktarii pooshirii kaambi vaaje
puri vaahili sarv jene vimaani
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
Lord Rama protects them who abide by his qualities. Rama's footsteps resound with his vow,
On His devotees' foes, mightily twangs His bow.
He, who ferried a city entire, to heavenly abode,
Proud of His devotees, never shall He them forsake.
30 samarthachiya sevaka vakra paahe
asa sarv bhoomandali kon aahe
jayachii liila varniti lok tiinhii
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimanii
He who works for the noble cause need not worry about the enemies in the world. Who there be, over the whole earth,
Dare look askance at this servant of the Omnipotent;
Whose glories are sung in all the worlds;
Never shall Rama, proud of His devotees, them forsake.
31 mahasankati sodile dev jene
pratape bale aagala sarvagune
jayate smare shailaja shoolpaanii
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
On the basis of wisdom, organisation skills and resource base in the form of armoury etc.
Lord Rama released Gods from the prison of Ravana.
Lord Rama is fondly remembered by Shiv and Parvati.
He who saved the gods in times of great danger,
Great in virtues, might, and power,
Whom Parvati and Shankara ever remember,
Proud of His devotees, Rama them never desert.
32 ahalya shila raghaave mukt kelii
padi laagta divya houni gelii
jaya varnita shiinalii vedvani
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
The touch of Rama's feet to a rock brought back to life the wife of Rishi Gautam.
Even the Vedas are not able to comprehend him.
By Rama was Ahalya saved from the malediction,
Touched by His foot, even the stone shone bright as the sun;
Praising whom, even the vedas went dumb;
Proudly does Rama, to His devotees turn.
33 vase merumandar he shrishti liila
shashi surya taaraangane megh mala
chiranjeev kele jani daas donhii
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
The Laws of Nature and the objects of Nature find their support in Lord Rama.
He granted boon of immortality to Hanuman and Bhibhishana.
Behold the miracle of creation! meru and mandara mountains,
The moon, the sun, the galaxies, and clouds;
Blessed He with immortality His two devotees,
Such is Rama, ever ready in His devotees' cause.
34 upeksha kada raam roopii asena
jiva manava nishchayo to vasena
shiri bhaar vaahen bole purani
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
Never disregard Lord Rama. It is very difficult for human-beings to abide by his qualities.
Wonderful are the results for those who abide by his qualities.
The Puranas stand testimony to this fact.
Never shall Rama's nature let you down,
But alas! creatures wait not for the trust to be born;
His promise He fulfilled, on His head did He carry earth's burden;
Such is Rama, proud of His devotees, never forsaken.
35 ase ho jaya antari bhaav jaisa
vasa ho taya antari dev taisa
ananyaas rakshiitase chaap paani
nupekshi kada raam
You see God in the same form as that you have in your mind.
Those who are fully devoted to Lord Rama are protected by him.
In the heart's faith does He tarry,
Formed from faith is He;
Rama, armed with the bow, egoless one defends He.
Proud of them, never shall Rama neglect thee.
36 sada sarvada dev sanniidh aahe
krupaloo pane alp dhaarisht paahe
sukhanand anand kaivalya daanii
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
God is always looking at you.
Have the courage and see him.
He will give you happiness and salvation.
Forever near you is He,
With compassion testing your courage small,
Earthly happiness and bliss divine gifts He,
Rama, proud of devotees, shelters them all.
37 sada chakravaakasi martand jaisa
udi ghaalito sankatii swami taisa
hari bhakticha ghaav gaaje nishanii
nupekshi kada raam daasabhimaanii
The darkness cannot sustain after rising of Sun.
Similarly wordly troubles disappear after seeing Lord Rama.
As the sun to chakravaka's rescue runs,
Leaps the Lord, that devotees may danger shun;
Thus resound the chants of devotion,
Proudly does Rama, lead devotees to salvation.
38 mana prarthana tujala ek aahe
raghuraaj thaakiit houni paahe
avagnyaa kada ho yadarthii na kiije
mana sajjana raghavii vastii keeje
Let us pray to our mind to always remain devoted to Lord Rama. Oh Mind! a single pledge from you I seek,
That even Rama may wonder,
Offend Him never, nor of it ever think,
Oh Mind!in Rama alone abide,with all the saints near.
39 jaya varnitii ved shastre purane
jaya cheni yoge samadhan baane
taya laagi he sarv chaanchalya diije
mana sajjana raghavii vastii keeje
Lord Rama is the subject matter of Vedas and Puranas.
He is the objective of the penance of Yogis.
Give to Him all uneasiness of your mind. Let your mind always dwell on Lord Rama.
Whom the scriptures, myths, and vedas praise,
With whom united, contentmnet will have no fear.
Oh Mind! to Him surrender your unsteady ways;
in Rama alone abide, with all the saints near.
40 mana paavije sarvahii sukh jethe
atii aadare thevije laksh tethe
viveke kudii kalpana paaltiije
mana sajjana raghavii vastii keeje
Your mind is entangled in the false imaginations. Cause a change in the state of your mind through the power of discrimination. Oh Mind! where ecstasy resides,
Center yourself with all deference;
Impure thoughts transform, with reason clear,
Oh Mind! in Rama alone abide, with all saints near.
41 bahu hindtaa saukhya honaar naahii
shinaave parii naatude hiit kaahii
vichare bare antara bodhviije
mana sajjana raghavii vastii keeje
Dont wander your mind too much.
There wont be any happiness after that.
The mind will get tired.
Let us understand at the level of our conscious that our mind should rest at the feet of Lord Rama.
Wandering will bring you no joy,
Laboring will fetch you no weal,
In your inmost heart do search and ponder,
Oh Mind!in Rama alone abide,with all the saints near.
42 bahutaamparii hechi aataa dharave
raghunayaka aapulese karave
dinanath he todrii briid gaaje
mana sajjana raghavii vastii keeje
After having said many times. listen again that do everything so that Lord Rama will give you place at his feet. Firmly anchor your thought on this,
To make Rama your own without remiss;
His anklets echo His vow with thunder,
Oh Mind!in Rama alone abide,and all the saints near.
43 mana sajjana ek jeevii dharave
janii aapule hiit tumva karave
raghunayakaviin bolo nako ho
sada manasii to nijadhyaas raaho
Hold it firmly in your mind. Let us do good to us.
While speaking let our mind dwell on the truth.
Let our mind always dwell on Lord Rama.
Oh saintly Mind! let your heart embrace
This thought alone, to seek His grace;
Utter no words that contain no Rama,
Forever dwell in His name, the abode of calm.
44 mana re janii maun mudra dharavii
katha aadare raghavaachi karavii
nase raam te dhaam sooduni dyaave
sukhaalaagi aaranya seviit jaave
When we are amidst people, we should keep quiet.
We should always tell stories glorifying Lord Rama.
If at any place people are not taking interest in Lord Rama then we should leave that place.
Oh dear Mind! your speech refrain, and hold quiet,
Only of Rama's exploits speak, and narrate;
Forsake the home that treasures not Rama,
Solitude endure, to rejoice in calm.
45 jayacheni sange samadhaan bhange
ahamta akasmaat yeuuni laage
taye sangatii chii janii kon goodii
jiye sangatiine matii raam sodi
We should learn to undergo hardships for the sake of happiness. Interrupting the communion divine,
Clings the ego to thine and mine,
Such wayward liking do people cherish,
Mindless of Rama, resolved to perish.
46 mana je ghadi raghave viin gele
janii aapulii te tuva haani kelii
raghunaayaka viin to shiin aahe
janii daksh to laksh lavuuni paahe
The persons whose company make us to lose balance of our mind,
The company of persons that raises our ego,
Let there be no such company that detach us from Lord Rama.
The moment that is gone without Lord Rama is a loss.
Such moments devoid of Lord Rama make us feel tired. Let us always be focused and alert.
Oh Mind! without Rama the moment slipped,
Great hurt on yourself you did inflict;
Without Rama, vain is the labor,
Alert stands the one, whom He does favor.
47 manii lochanii shri hari tochi paahe
jani jaanta mukt hounii raahe
gunii preeti raakhe kramoo sadhanaacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Our eyes should see the truth. Let us be alert and devoted while working with the people. We should build the resource base for doing work of public good. We should do our work systematically and sequentially. He who works like this is worth for living. SriHari alone he sees, within and without,
The devotee with wisdom blessed;
Virtues he treasures, vigilantly treading his call,
That holy servant of Rama,the best master of them all.
48 sada devakaajii jhije deh jyacha
sada raam naame vade satya sacha
svadharmechi chaale sada uttamacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Our body should wear out for the cause of others.
We should speak the truth. In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned.
Ever attrite in Rama's service,
His name eternal on his tongue, without remiss;
Virtuous in conduct, righteous in action, his footsteps fall,
The blessed servant of Rama, the best master of them all.
49 sada bolnya saarikhe chaaltaahe
aneki sada ek devasi paahe
saguni bhaje lesh naahi bhramacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
We should implement what we say. Let us understand the real truth out of its different shades. Let us always abide by the good qualities and let us not be confused. True to his word in every action,
Diverse the universe, yet communes with One;
Worships the Lord's form, still undeluded therewithal;
Blessed is Rama's servant, by the best master of them all.
50 nase natari kaam nanavikarii
udaasiin jo taapsii bramhacharii
nighala manii lesh naahii tamacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Our mind should not be full of desires and weaknesses.
Let our mind undertake the penance.
Let us be aloof from whatever conditions arise.
Let us understand the all-pervading Brahma present everywhere.
Let us purify our mind. Let all darkness be dispelled.
Free in his mind from desires that sicken,
In penance immersed, seeking Truth with dispassion;
Tranquil in heart, no ignorance thrall,
Blessed is Rama's servant, by the best master of them all.
51 made matsare saandilii swaarth buddhii
prapanchiik naahii jayaate upadhii
sada bolne namra vaachaa suvaachaa
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
A mind that is intoxicated and jealous cannot understand the good course of action.
Therefore let us show the exit route to intoxication, jealousy and selfishness.
Let us speak politely.
With pride, envy, and conceit renounced,
And worries mundane banished,
Pure in speech, and humble in words,
Blessed is this servant, by the best of lords.
52 krami vel jo tatva chintanuvaade
na limpe kada dambh vaade vivaade
karii sukh samvaad jo ugamachaa
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Let us spend time for understanding the truth. Let us not indulge in discussions and debates to prove our intelligence. Let us make others happy and try to realise the all-pervading Brahma. Ever immersed in reflection Supreme,
Unsmeared by debates extreme,
Joyously singing the song Primeval,
Blessed is this servant, by the best of them all.
53 sada aarjavii priya jo sarva lokii
sada sarvada satyavaadi viveki
na bole kada mithya vaacha trivaachaa
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Let us be polite to all.
Let our behaviour be such that we are liked by all.
Let us speak the truth and let us have a sound power of discrimination.
Let us not speak rubbish.
Ever honest, and dear to all,
Truthful in speech, and ever mindful of all;
Utters never a falsehood, in conviction tall,
Blessed is this servant, by the best master of all.
54 sada sevi aaranya taarunyakaali
milena kada kalpane cheni melii
chalena manii nishchayo dhrida jyacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Let us undertake hardships when our body is strong.
Let us not be carried away with the wild imaginations.
Let the determination of our mind be strong.
Enjoys the solitude, even in youth,
Fantasies ever abhors, forsooth;
Unshakable resolve does his mind recall,
Blessed is this servant, by the best master of all.
55 nase manasi nashta asha durasha
vase antari prem paasha pipaasha
runi dev haa bhakti bhaave jayacha
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Let there be no useless and ugly cravings in our mind. Let our mind be full of love. God is kind to become indebted to his devotees for their devotion to him. Selfish motives touch him never,
The divine his heart thirsts for ever;
Indebted is God for the faith and resolve,
Blessed is this servant, by the best master of all.
56 dinaacha dayalu manacha mavaluu
snehaluu krupaluu janii daaspaluu
taya antari krodh santaap kaichaa
jagi dhanya to daas sarvottamacha
Let us be kind to the afflicted.
Let our mind have love and care for others.
Let our mind be free from anger and irritation.
Kind to the humble, tender in heart,
Friendly and forgiving, to God's servants patronage impart,
Whence anger or rage to such a one befall?
Blessed is this servant, by the best master of all.
57 jagi hoije dhanya yaa raamnaame
kriya bhakti upasana nitya neme
udaaseenta tatwataa saar aahe
sada sarvada mokali vritti raahe
Let us meditate on the truth to justify our existence.
Let us always be devoted to the good work.
Let us treat others at par with us i.e. let us understand that we are also governed by the same laws of nature as others are.
Let us keep our mind free from impurities.
Blessedness attain chanting Rama's name,
Disciplined action, worship, and devotion aflame;
Their essence verily is dispassion,
Reaping freedom as its dispensation.
58 nako vasana viishayii vruttiroope
padarthii jade kamana poorva paape
sada raam nishkaam chintiit jaava
mana kalpanaalesha tohii nasaavaa
Let our mind not crave for sensual enjoyments.
Let us understand that craving for sensual pleasures is due to the sins commited in the past.
Let our mind always dwell on Lord Rama.
Let us not indulge in futile imaginations even for a while.
Dwell not on passions engulfing the mind in desire, The mind shaped by the senses afire; Ever steep the passionless heart in Rama's name, Oh Mind! fantasies forsake, with not even a trace to blame.
59 mana kalpana kalpitaa kalpakotii
navhe re navhe sarvathaa raam bhetii
manii kamanaa raam naahii jayalaa
atii adare preeti naahi tayala
Our imaginations have no end.
But our imaginations will not lead us to the truth.
If our mind is not dwelling on Lord Rama, how can we have love and respect for him?
Oh dear Mind! myriads of fantasies imagine, Yet never see Rama's vision divine; With passions in the heart, and Rama forgotten, For Him no reverence nor love will be begotten.
60 mana raam kalpataru kaamdhenu
nidhi saar chintamanii kaay vaanu
jayacheni yoge ghade sarva satta
taya saamyataa kaayasii kon aataa
Lord Rama is the wish-yielding tree.
He is the wish-yielding cow.
He can relieve us of all our sorrows.
He symbolises the truth.
Let us understand that the world rests on him.
None is comparable to Lord Rama.
Oh Mind! excelling even the wish-fulfilling tree and cow,
And the gem, is Rama; whose omnipotence homage knows not how;
Whose presence rules the worlds,
Incomparable is He, defying any and all the words.
61 ubha kalpavruksha talii dukh vaahe
taya antari sarvada techi aahe
janii sajjanii vaad haa vadhavaa
pudhe maagta shok jiivii dharavaa
You are standing under the wish-yielding tree and you are sad.
Let us realise Lord Rama who is residing within us.
Let us spread this theory of 'Ram is everywhere' amidst people.
If we dont do this then we will feel sad in the future.
Sorrowful he stands, in the shade of the wish-fulfilling tree,
Never a moment in his heart will sorrow leave him free;
With saintly souls will arguments bring,
Before and after, every sorrow and its sting.
62 nija dhyaas to sarva tuutoni gela
bale antarii shok santaap thela
sukhaanand anand bhede budaala
manii nishchyo sarv khede udaala
We have forgotten our true self.
We are intoxicated and therefore we feel sad.
We are confused between happiness and sensual pleasures.
We are so sad that we are losing determination of our mind.
When you stopped the flow of contemplation,
Into your heart forcibly did enter sorrow and agitation;
Ecstasy divine and joy mundane, drowned by separation
From Truth, Oh Mind! sadly you lost all resolution.
63 ghari kaamdhenu pudhe taak maage
haribodh saandoni vevaad laage
karii saar chintamanii kachkhande
taya maagta det aahe udande
We have a wish-yielding cow at our home and we are begging for butter-milk.
Our mind is not dwelling on Lord Rama.
Our mind is busy in raking up debates.
Let us not break a ' sorrow removing gem ' for the sake of many pieces of glass.
A wish-fulfilling cow you own, yet buttermilk is all you ask,
Of like nature is argument vain, giving up true wisdom to fulfil life's task.
A wish-fulfilling gem you hold, yet seek only pieces of glass,
In plenty you will get them, worth nothing either to keep or to pass.
64 atii moodh tya dhruda buddhi asena
atii kaam tyaa raam chittii vasena
atii lobh tya kshobh hoyiil jaana
atii viishayii sarvada dainyavaana
A foolish person cannot have any power of discrimination.
He who is always after sensual pleasures cannot hold Lord Rama in his heart.
He who is greedy is bound to become sad.
The one who is always after sensual pleasures is useless.
Firm resolve he lacks, who with feeble reason lives,
His heart holds not Rama, to every craving it gives.
Know sorrow to be his lot, who only harbors greed,
Ever impoverished is he, who only pleasure seeks.
65 nako dainya vaane jine bhaktiuune
atii moorkh tyaa sarvadaa dukh doone
dharii re mana adare preeti raamii
nako vaasna hemdhaamii viraamii
Let us say no to the worthless existence devoid of devotion.
He who is a fool is always two times sad.
Let our mind have love and respect at the feet of Lord Rama.
Let us not long for money always.
Pity this life, void of devotion,
Twofold sorrow forever it reaps;
Oh Mind! give to Rama honor and love,
Without Rama, shun even the golden home.
66 navhe saar sansaar haa ghor aahe
mana sajjana satya shodhuuni paahe
janii viish khaata pudhe sukh kaiche
karii re mana dhyaan ya raghavache
Many things keep on happening around us.
Let us try to find out the substance of such happenings.
If our mind is made impure then we will not become peaceful and happy.
Let us meditate on Lord Rama.
How awful this life, which clings not to Spirit,
Oh saintly Mind! seek Truth alone, doubting not a whit;
After the poison of pleasures, what joy will you gain,
Oh Mind! dwell in the thought of Rama, and there ever remain.
67 ghanashyaam haa raam laavanya roopii
mahaa dheer gambhiir poorn prataapii
karii sankatii sevakaancha kudaava
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Lord Rama is the ocean of beauty and good qualities.
He has a great courage.
He is serious in his work.
His performance is great.
He protects his devotees in their distress.
Let us remember Lord Rama every morning.
Complexioned like a cloud, lovely is Rama's form,
Mighty in courage, profound, wholly majestic is He;
Who serve Him, them He shields from peril,
Waken the mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
68 bale aagla raam kodandadhaarii
mahakaal vikraal tohii tharaarii
pudhe maanavaa kinkara kon keva
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Lord Rama who is welding a bow in hand is very powerful.
Even the terrible death shivers at his sight.
We are petty in all regards.
Let us remember Lord Rama every morning.
Mighty among the mighty is Rama, armed with a bow,
At His sight trembles even fearsome Death, and how;
What to say of the human creature, a paltry servant still,
Waken the mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
69 sukhaanand kaarii nivaarii bhayaate
janii bhaktibhaave bhajaave tayaate
viveke tyajavaa anaachaar heva
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Lord Rama creates bliss and relieves sorrows.
Let us join others for collective devotion to Lord Rama.
Let us shun bad action and jealousy.
Divine and earthly joy He gives, and protection from fear,
With faith and devotion worship Him, from far and near;
With good judgment abjure wickedness and envious cavil,
Waken the mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
70 sada raam naame vadaa poorn kaame
kada baadhijenaa pada nitya neme
madalasya haa sarv sodonidyaavaa
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Let us always meditate on Lord Rama.
Let us rise above the sensual pleasures.
He who implements this concept is not affected by wordly troubles.
Let us not be lazy.
Rama's name will all your wishes grant, and give you all the means,
To keep off the evil spirits, with chanting of His hymns.
Conceit wholly give up, and not a moment be idle,
Waken the mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
71 jayaacheni ninaame mahadosh jaatii
jayaacheni ninaame gatii paavijetii
jayaacheni ninaame ghade punya theva
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Lord Rama's Name can set right many deficiencies of our mind.
We can follow the noble path if we remember Lord Rama.
Remembering Lord Rama creates huge stock of merit for us.
Great flaws His name can swallow whole,
Whose name can fly you to the supreme goal;
Reap a heap of merits, little by little,
Waken your mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
72 na veche kada granthchii arth kaahii
mukhe naam uchharitaa kasht naahii
maha ghor sansaar shatru jinaava
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
If we cannot understand books then we should atleast remember
Lord Rama in our mind.
What efforts are required for that?
Don't entangle your mind in the day to day happenings.
Feel no need to empty your treasure,
Nor chanting His name to labor beyond measure;
Terrifying much is this birth and death cycle,
Waken your mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
73 dehe dandaneche maha dukh aahe
maha dukh te naam gheta na raahe
sadashiv chintiitase devdevaa
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
He who undertake penance puts his body under stress.
He who remembers Lord Rama while doing penance is relieved of the stress.
God Shiva always remembers Lord Rama.
Penance of the body does much distress bring,
Chant His name, and relieve the sting;
Shiva chants Rama's name, though they be on same level,
Waken your mind to Rama's name , to conquer every evil
74 bahu taapari sankate sadhanaanchii
vrate daan udyaapane tii dhanaachii
dinaachaa dayaluu manii athaavavaa
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
There are many obstacles in the path of realisation of God.
He who has wealth can perform rituals and give donations.
Let us remember the protector of the afflicted.
Full of risks are the many penances,
Much gold it takes for vows, and charity, and shelters;
In your heart keep Rama, pardoner of the humble,
Waken your mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
75 samastaamadhe saar saachaar aahe
kalena tarii sarv shodhuuni paahe
jivaa sanshayo vauugaa to tyajaavaa
prabhate manii raam chintiit jaava
Whatever has been said is having ony one substance - Good Action.
You can see it for yourself. Let us remove confusion from our mind.
Verily is He the essence of all that exists;
If you grasp it not, seek Him in all that exists;
Give up this doubt, o creature! know it to be vain and futile,
Waken your mind to Rama's name, to conquer every evil.
76 navhe karm naa dharm naa yog naahii
navhe bhog naa tyaag naa saang paahii
mhane daas vishwaas naamii dharava
prabhaate mani raam chintiit jaava
If we are not in a postion to perform good acts, similarly if we cannot perform japas and tapas, but then also we can always remember Lord Rama to start with. Excelling all actions, duties, and penance,
Pleasures, sacrifices, and scriptural injunctions,
Avers this servant of Rama, faith in His name do not belittle,
Waken your mind to Rama's name, to conquer all evil.
77 karii kaam nishkaam yaa raghavaache
karii roop swaroop sarvaa jivaanche
karii chand nirdwandwa gun gaata
harikirtanii vruttivishwaas hota
Remembering Lord Rama will turn our attachment for sensual pleasures into attachment for Good Work.
We will understand that other living creatures are no different from us.
All the pairs of opposites that we experience will come to an end. We should sing the stories of Lord Rama.
Our mind should have faith in him.
Service of Rama will kill the craving,
Your true Self emerge as a blessing;
Singing His glories will duality transcend,
Faith in His name is indeed tha best godsend.
78 aho jya nara raamvishwaas naahii
taya paamaraa baadhije sarv kaahii
maharaaj to swami kaivalyadaata
vruthaa vaahane dehsansaar chintaa
He who does not believe in Lord Rama, everything goes adverse to him.
Lord Rama is the controller of all.
He can grant salvation from the wordly troubles.
Dont be unnecessarily sad about the happenings taking place around you.
Hearken well! he who keeps no faith in Rama's name,
Pity him, for all afflictions will bring him shame;
He, the Emperor and Master, donor of freedom supreme,
Will banish the worrisome fear of births and deaths, that vanity extreme.
79 manaa pavanaa bhavanaa raghavaachii
dhari antarii sodi chintaa bhavaachii
bhavaachii jivaa manaava bhooli thelii
nase vastuchii dharanaa vyartha gelii
Attachment to Lord Rama is the origin of all good signs.
Let us have attachment for Lord Rama.
Let us win over the attachment to the world.
We keep on indulging in imaginations.
We long for something that is not there and then become sad.
Oh Mind! in Rama keep faith, the purifier,
From your heart worries expel, life's destroyer;
A hypnotised life the creature lives,
True Self, such futile belief never gives.
80 shreevara tyaa haara antaraate dhara
tara dustara tyaa para sagaraate
sara visaraa tyaa bharaa durbharaate
kara niikaraa tyaa kharaa mastraate
Let Shri Rama dwell in our mind.
Let us sail smoothly through the ocean of wordly troubles.
Let us destroy jealousy in our mind.
Hold Him, Laxmi's consort, abiding in Shiva's heart,
Go beyond the ocean uncrossable, which only He can part;
Feed the stomach, but the insatiable appetite forget,
Asinine envy forever annihilate.
81 mana mastare naam sandu nako ho
atii adare haa nijadhyaas raaho
samastaamadhe naam he saar aahe
dujii toolnaa toolitaahii na saahe
Dont cease to remember Lord Rama under any guise.
Let us always understand our true self.
The gist of the Vedas and Puranas is that one should remember Lord Rama.
Nothing is comparable to this.
Hearken, oh Mind! in jealousy forget not His name,
Anchor Him in your heart, and honor His fame;
His name is the essence in all that exists,
Beyond compare, from comparison desist.
82 bahu naam yaa raamnaamii tulenaa
abhaagyaa nara pamaraa hay kalenaa
vishaa aushadhaa ghetle parvateeshe
jiva manava kinkara kon poose
If we remember others then we wont get the same satisfaction.
But people dont understand this.
God Shiva, who is the killer of cupid (kama) remembers Lord Rama as a medicine for the poison that he has taken.
We are absolutely nothing as compared to God Shiva.
Names there be many, but Rama's crests the wave,
Luckless creature knows not this, whom pity will not save;
When Shiva drank the poison, the antidote was His name,
What cure this lowly man can give, for the torment to be tamed.
83 jene jaalilaa kaam to raam dhyaato
umesii atii aadare gun gaato
bahu gnyaan vairagya samarthya jethe
parii antarii naamvishwaas tethe
God Shiva who has killed cupid always dwells his mind on Lord Rama.
He respectfully tells stories of Lord Rama to Goddess Parvati.
God Shiva remembers Lord Rama after having all knowledge, detachment and power.
Lust did Shiva vanquish, chanting Rama's name,
To Parvati he sings His glories with all acclaim;
Great resolve, wisdom, and dispassion seek,
In that heart will faith in His name never become weak.
84 vithone shirii vahilaa devraanaa
taya antarii dhyaas re tyaasi nenaa
nivaalaa swaye taapasii chandramaulii
jiva sodavii raam haa antakaalii
Vitthal holds God Shankar on his head.
God Shankar dwells his mind on Lord Rama.
Therefore we should not forget Lord Rama.
Who else can save us at the time of death?
Vitthala bears Shiva on his crown,
Yearning in his heart, dear Mind! to you unbeknown;
Who calmed Shiva's own ascetic fire,
The same Rama will free you from the funeral pyre!.
85 bhaja raam vishraam yogeshwaraancha
japuu nemilaa nem gauriiharaachaa
swaye niivavii tapsii chandramaulii
tumha sodavii raam haa antakaalii
Those who strive for salvation find their solace in Lord Rama.
Goddess Gouri and God Har always remember him.
Let us also remember him.
Haven of ascetics, from Rama's worship never sever,
Gauri and Hara pledge to chant His name forever;
Himself cools Shiva's burning power,
Freedom to you will Rama give, and blessings on you shower.
86 mukhii raam vishraam tethechi aahe
sadanand anand sevoni raahe
tayaveen to sheen sandehkaarii
nijdhaam he naam shokaapahaarii
He who remembers Lord Rama becomes peaceful.
Come and experience this peace.
If we dont do this then we will get tired.
Lord Rama is our abode and will relieve us of our sorrows.
There alone find rest and peace, where Rama's name is chanted,
Where the joy of joys forever is granted;
Without Him, all is vain torment and doubt,
His name, the true abode, without sorrow fraught.
87 mukhii raam tyaa kaam badhuu shakena
gune ishta dhaarishta tyaache chukena
haribhakt to shakt kamaas bhaarii
jagii dhnya to marutii bramhachaarii
He who remembers Lord Rama cannot be selfish, he sticks to virtues and is patient.
The devotees of Lord Rama can kill cupid.
This is how Hanuman has proved his worth.
Whose tongue utters Rama's name, lust cannot afflict,
Resolute in every action, though blessed with every gift;
The devotee of Hari mightily slays the lust,
Like the blessed Hanuman, constant in Rama's trust.
88 bahu chaangle naam yaa raaghavache
atii saajire swalp sope fukaache
karii mool nirmool gheta bhavache
jivaa manaava hechi kaivalya saache
Remembering Lord Rama is wonderful. It is easy and free. The attachment to the world comes to an end on remembering Lord Rama. Then what remains is the bliss. What can excel Rama's name? Joy in it to be lost,
Most beautiful and short, easy and free of cost!
Uttering that name, both birth and death do cease,
Verily to the human creature, this alone is the supreme peace.
89 janii bhojanii naam vaache vadaave
atii aadare gadyaghoshe mhanave
harichintane ann seviit jaave
tari shreehari paavije to swabhaave
Let us remember Lord Rama while we are amidst people, while we take food.
While doing so we should have full respect and apply all our resources for that purpose.
Let us not eat for the sake of feeding stomach.
We should eat with the purpose of having ability to undertake good work.
Among people and at meals, let the tongue speak Rama's name,
With utmost respect speak, in thunderous voice his fame;
To Hari offer the food you eat,
His grace will wait on you, this is His nature thus to devotees treat.
90 na ye raam vaanii taya tho haanii
janii vyartha praanii taya naam kanii
harinaam he vedshastrii puraanii
bahuu aagale bolilii vyaasvaanii
He who does not remember Lord Rama is wasted.'
How to remember Rama? ' is the subject matter of Vedas,
Shastras and Puranas.
This is what has been stated by Maharishi Vyas.
Great misfortune his, whose speech lacks Rama's name,
Despicable his life, in this world he breathes in vain.
In vedas, scriptures and myths, Vyasa spoke with authority,
Uniquely great is Rama's name, ever ready to bless humanity.
91 nako veet manuu raghunaayakachaa
ati aadare bolije raam vaachaa
na veche mukhii sapade re fukachaa
karii ghosh tyaa janakivallabhachaa
Dont get fed up of Shri Rama.
We should remember him with full respect.
There is no great effort required to remember Lord Rama.
We should always remember the spouse of Sita.
Weary not of Him, the foremost among the Raghu lineage,
With utmost honor speak of Rama, the pride of His heritage;
For His name to abide on your tongue, nothing you need expend,
With resounding voice utter His name, Janaki's consort you will befriend.
92 atii adare sarvhii naamghoshe
girikandarii jaaiche door doshe
harii tishthatu topala naamghoshe
visheshe hara mansii raampiise
He who remembers Rama with full devotion drives away all impurities from his mind.
Lord Rama likes to stay in the mind of all who remember him.
God Shiva fondly remembers him.
Resound Rama's name, with every honor due,
On mountains and in valleys, till imperfections leave no clue.
He will stand before you, pleased by the echoing call,
Even Shiva yearned for Rama, in his heart to install.
93 jagii pahataa dev haa annadaataa
taya laaglii tatvataa saar chintaa
tyaache mukhii naam gheta fukaache
mana saang paa re tujhe kaay veche
God takes care of this world.
He is worried about the world.
What it takes of you to remember him.
Closely look around you, for the bestower of food,
Who by nature seeks only your essential good;
Priceless name it is, yet costs you nothing to chant,
Tell me, oh dear Mind! what loss you incur by this name you recant.
94 tinhii lok jaaluu shake kop yete
nivaala haruu to mukhe naam gheta
jape aadare parvatii vishwamaata
mhanonii mhanaa techi he naam aataa
God Shankar on becoming angry can reduce to ashes all the three worlds. He is peaceful due to remembering Lord Rama. Goddess Parvati also remembers Lord Rama. Thatswhy we should also remember him. One who can burn the three worlds when enraged,
That Shiva calmed down, when in Rama's name engaged;
Parvati, mother universal, ceaselessly His name recites,
Wherefore invoke His name, need say nothing besides.
95 ajamel paapi vade putrakaame
taya mukti narayanaacheni naame
shukakarane kuntanii raam vaanii
mukhe boltaa khyaati jaalii puraanii
A sinner Ajamila has his son's name as Rama.
Therefore he remembers Lord Rama while calling his son.
Due to this he has attained salvation.
A prostitute has her parrot's name as Rama.
Therefore she remembers Lord Rama.
She has made a place for herself in Puranas due to this.
Ajamela, derelict in duty, on his deathbed named his newborn
Narayana, uttering which breathed his last, was blessed never to be reborn.
Kuntani, a harlot, for Shuka's sake chanted Rama's name,
And in legends of yore, famed she became for all to acclaim.
96 mahabhakt prahlaad haa daityakoolii
jape raamnaamavalii nityakaalii
pitaa paaproopii taya dekhvenaa
janii daitya to naam mukhe mhanenaa
Pralhada, a great devotee of Lord Rama was born in the house of demons.
He always remembered Rama.
His Father who was sinful could not like this.
He (father) did not remember Lord Rama as he was a demon.
In demonic lineage , Prahlada, the great devotee was born,
Chanting Rama's name, unceasingly from morn to morn;
His father, sin personified, cared not to see him,
Rama's name he spurned, demonic to the brim.
97 mukhii naam naahii tayaa mukti kaichii
ahantaagune yaatnaa te fukaachii
pudhe ant yeiil to dainyavaana
mhanoni mhanaa re mhanaa devraanaa
He who cannot remember cannot find salvation.
Such people raise their ego and undergo all troubles.
Later they come to an unceremonious end.
Therefore we should remember Shri Ram.
Whence will freedom come to one that utters not His name,
Misery he will reap, only self-conceit to blame.
When the end nears in future, it will reek of torment,
So, oh dear one! call on the King of Gods, and be content.
98 harinaam nemast pashaan taaii
bahuu taarilee manavii dehdhaarii
tayaa raamnaamii sada jo vikalpii
vadenaa kadaa jiiv to paaproopii
Lord Rama made rocks float in the sea.
He has granted salvation to many human beings.
But there are some sinful people who are always confused.
Such people cannot remember Ram.
Faith in Hari's name can even a stone save,
What then of the human form who in His name can slave;
To one ever in doubt of Rama's grace
And speaks it not, that creature is a human disgrace.
99 jagii dhanya varanasi punyaraashii
tayemaaji aata gatii poorvajaansii
mukhe raamnaamavalii nityakaalii
jivaa hiit saange sada chandramaulii
In this world the most holy place is Kashi.
He who dies in Kashi attains to salvation alongwith his ancestors.
This is possible due to Lord Ram always being remembered in Kashi.
God Shankar himself explains the benefit of remembering Rama.
Such is its significance.
Blessed in this universe is Varanasi, a granary for the meritorious,
Which having reached, salvation one garners along with ancestors;
Chant the glories of Rama's names without a break,
Counsels Shiva to the creatures, for freedom's sake.
100 yathaa saang re karm tehii ghadenaa
ghade karm te punyagaathii padena
daya paahataa sarva bhootii asena
fukaache mukhii naam tehii vasenaa
People do not maintain purity in their actions.
They do not acquire any merit through their actions.
They dont have any love for all.
They do not remember Lord Rama.
Actions undertaken, alas! follow not scriptures,
Good deeds, even, heap not merits but failures.
Compassion for creatures all, sorely lacking for all to see,
Homeless His name without a tongue that can shelter it for free.
101 jayaa naavade naam tyaa yam jaachii
vikalpe uthe tark tya nark chii chii
mhanonii atii aadare naam ghyaave
mukhe boltaa dosh jaatii swabhaave
He who does not remember Lord Rama goes to hell.
All sorts of logic that start with confusion end up with hell.
Therefore we should respectfully remember Lord Rama.
To one with dislike for His name, Death is a haunting thought;
Doubt ends in vain debate, loathsome hell the prize one bought.
Chant His name, therefore, with all respect due,
Flaws, by nature, take to flight, hearing the name for the cue.
102 atii liintaa sarvabhaave swabhaave
janaa sajjanalaagi santoshvaave
dehe kaaranii sarv laaviit jaave
saguni atii adaresii bhajave
This results in purification of our mind.
One should be exceedingly polite.
One should work for good cause.
One should respectfully abide by the good qualities.
From the innermost depth of heart may humility glow,
To one and all, saintly withal, may joyous greetings flow;
May the body labor in cause divine,
And to Truth offer worship, within and without the shrine.
103 hari keertanii preeti raamii dharaavii
dehebuddhinii rupanii viisaravii
para dravya aanik kaanta paravii
yadarthii mana saandii jiivii karavii
Let us always remember Lord Rama.
Let us have love at his feet.
Let us not have any ego.
Let us never long for other's wealth and wife.
Pour all love on Rama, when divine glories you sing,
In sermons, only in Him rest your mind, to the body let it not cling.
Others' wealth and spouse wholly should you abjure,
Oh Mind! these precepts follow, else your very soul injure.
104 kriye veen nana parii boljete
pari chitt dushchitt te laajviite
mana kalpana dheet sairaat dhaave
taya manava dev kaiseni paave
All said and nothing done.
Such behaviour brings shame to our mind.
If we think anything we like then we are not going to realise God.
When actions belie words, neither can be trusted;
The mind deluded is a mind shame-faced.
Oh Mind! unbridled it wanders, obstinate and wild,
What chance of grace, when the mind is defiled.
105 viveke kriya aapulii paaltaavii
atii adare shuddh kriya dharavi
jani bolnyaa saarkhe chaal baapaa
mana kalpana sodi sansaartaapa
Let the conscience prevail over our mind and guide our actions.
Let our actions be pure.
Let us act on what we say.
Let us not burn in the flames of wordly worries.
Thoughtful be in conduct to change it,
Respectful be in action to cleanse it;
Oh dear one! let your actions reflect your speech,
Oh Mind! fantasies slay, to you may life's torments never reach.
106 barii snaan sandhyaa karii ek nishthaa
vivke mana aavarii sthaan bhrashta
daya sarvabootii jaya manavalaa
sada premloo bhaktibhaave nivalaa
It is nice to perform the daily rituals.
Let the conscience tame our mind when our mind derails from the track.
Let us have pity and affection for all.
Let us be full of devotion, love and peace.
Worship offers morn and eve, with cleansed body and singular faith,
Restless mind, with discrimination restrained, as if honed on a lathe;
Steeped in compassion, to beings one and all,
Supreme peace attains, for love and devotion fulfil that call.
107 mana koop aropanaa te nasavii
mana buddhi he saadhusangii vasaavii
mana nasht chaandaal to sang tyaagii
mana hoi re moksh bhaagi vibhaagii
Let us shun anger and desire.
Let us purify our intellect in association with good people.
Let us not be associated with useless and evil people.
This is how one can attain salvation.
Oh Mind! shelter not anger or blame,
Oh Mind! rest in the company of saints;
Oh Mind! wicked company abandon,
Oh dear Mind! unite yourself with freedom.
108 mana sarvada sajjannacheni yoge
kriya palte bhakti bhaavaarth laage
kriye veen vachaaltaa te nivaarii
tute vaad samvaad to hiitkaarii
We can purfy our actions and work with devotion only when we work in the association of good people.
If we do not have the courage to act then we should not talk.
Let us shun futile debates and make fruitful disussions.
Oh Mind! company of saints forever seek,
And change to devotion true, and actions sublime and meek.
Give up vain chatter and insincere action,
Know that dialogue to be the best,
That heals the mind and wins the supreme quest.
109 janii vaad vevaad soduunii dyaavaa
janii sukh samvaad sookhe karava
jagi tochi to shoksantaaphaarii
tute vaad samvaad to hiitkaarii
Let us not indulge in futile debates. Let us spread happiness through meaningful discussions. Let us shun sadness and irritation. Let us shun futile debates and make fruitful disussions. Argue not for argument's sake,
Joyfully speak and happy dialogue make;
He alone is empowered to calm grief and rage,
Know that dialogue to be the best,
That heals the mind, and wins the supreme quest.
110 tute vaad samvaad tyaate mhanaave
viveke ahambhaav yaate jinaave
ahamtaagune vaad nanavikaarii
tute vaad samvaad to hiitkaarii
A good disussion is one which puts an end to a debate.
Let the conscience overpower the ego.
Due to ego we indulge in debates and then lose balance of our mind.
Call that a dialogue where a debate ends,
Discrimination conquers and self-conceit bends;
In contentious ego afflictions sprout,
Know that dialogue to be the best,
That heals the mind, and wins the supreme quest.
111 hitaakaarne bolne satya aahe
hitaakaarne sarva shodhuuni paahe
hitaakaarne band paakhaand vaarii
tute vaad samvaad to hiitkaarii
We should speak the truth for the sake of benefit.
We should understand the whole matter for the sake of benefit.
We should not indulge in petty quarrels for the sake of benefit.
To the highest good, only truth in speech can bring you,
To the highest good, only the keenest probe can take you;
For the highest good, slay the mutinous mind that denies God,
Know that dialogue to be the best,
That heals the mind, and wins the supreme quest.
112 janii saangta aiktaa janma gela
pari vaadve vaad taisachi thela
uthe sanshayo vaad haa dambhadhaarii
tute vaad samvaad to hiitkaarii
The whole life is gone in telling others and in listeneing to others.
But petty quarrels are still outsanding.
When we get confused while arguing then we should understand that we are wrong.
Gone are the years, in counsel and advice,
Yet altered not the wrangle, and debate unwise.
The roots of doubt sank deeper, pretense grew denser;
Know that dialogue to be the best,
That heals the mind, and wins the supreme quest.
113 janii hiit pandit saandit gele
ahamtaagune bramharaakshas jaale
tayahoon vyuttpanna to koun aahe
mana sarv jaaniiv saaanduuni raahe
The learned people work against their interest when they work under the influence of ego.
It is very difficult to find more learned people than who are referred to earlier.
Therefore let us shun the ego.
Even the learned failed the quest ideal,
Self-conceit turned them into apparitions unreal;
Who there be in knowledge that excel Him?
Abide in Truth, and let the ego fade and dim.
114 fukaache mukhii boltaa kaay veche
disandiis abhyantarii garv saanche
kriyeveen vachaalta vyarth aahe
vichaare tujha toochi shodhuuni paahe
Of what use are the blank words?
Due to this in the course of time our ego rises.
There is no meaning to our words if we cannot perform.
He who thinks over it will understand quickly.
For free you chant the Name, you spend not a dime,
A warehouse of pride you become, for chanting you spare no time.
Garrulity is vain, when actions and words conflict,
Search yourself with utmost thought, what you on yourself inflict.
115 tute vaad samvaad tethe karava
vivike ahambhaav haa paaltaava
janii bolnyaa sarikhe aacharave
kriya paalte bhakti panthechi jaave
We should make discussions to end the ongoing debates.
We should change our egoistic attitude under the influence of conscience.
Whatever we tell others to do, let us do first.
Let us change our course of action and follow the path of devotion.
With others converse, where disputations end,
With the sharpened intellect curb the ego's trend;
Let your conduct echo your speech,
Walk the way of devotion, and let your conduct preach.
116 bahuu shaapitaa kashtalaa ambakrishii
tayaache svaye shree hari janma soshii
dilaa ksheersindhu taya upamanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
Lord Rama has suffered the pangs of transmigration for the sake of his devotee,
Ambarishi. Lord Rama has given Upamanyu, a devotee, a place in his abode.
Lord Rama never neglects his devotees.
Weighed down by curses, great was Ambarishi's distress,
The Lord Himself endured his rebirths, his devotion drawing His grace.
For a spoonful of milk thirsted Upamanyu,
Beseeched the Lord who gifted him the milky ocean.
Never does He, proud of devotees, fail their expectation.
117 dhuruu lekaruu bapude dainyavaane
krupaa bhaakitaa diidhalii bheti jene
chiranjeev taaraanganii premkhaanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
Dhruva child was five years of age. The Lord immediately attended to his call and granted him a permanant postion in the space as a North Star. A child rejected was Dhruva, helpless and pitiable besides,
Implored the hidden Lord, who strode to his side;
Among the galaxies He, the mine of love, gave him an abode,
The polar star of undying fame He chose, as to Him it behove,
Never does He, proud of His devotees, fail them in love.
118 gajendruu maha sankaatii vaas paahe
taya kaarne shree hari dhaavtaahe
udii ghaatlii jaahlaa jiivdaanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
Lord Rama hurried to help out an elephant whose leg was caught by a crocodile in water. The reason was a call given by the elephant to the Lord. Gajendra, in dire danger, implored the Lord,
Speedily He ran to his deliverance;
Jumped to free him from death's tightening cord,
Never does He, proud of His devotees, look at them askance.
119 ajamel paapi tayaa ant aalaa
krupaalupane to janii mukt kela
anaathaasi adhaar haa chakrapaanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
The sinner Ajamila at the time of his death remembered Lord Rama.
The reason being his child was also having Rama as his name.
The merciful Lord granted salvation to him.
Lord Rama supports everyone who does not have any support.
Though a sinful life Ajamela lived to the end,
Divine compassion flowed, to eternal freedom he was sent;
Sustenance He showers on any creature orphaned,
Never does He, proud of His devotees, leave anyone abandoned.
120 vidhii karane jahala matsya vegii
dharii koormaroope dhara prushthabhaagii
jana rakshaana kaarne neech yonii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
For the sake of protection of earth he took the form of a fish, a tortoise at some points of time.
He does not mind taking a form of a creature of low breed for the good of people at large.
For the Creator's sake, He assumed the form of Fish,
In Tortoise body, on His back upheld the earth, to fulfil Brahma's wish;
Lowly births He endures, for the creatures' salvation,
Never does He, proud of His devotees, fail their expectation.
121 mahabhakt prahlaad haa kashtaveela
mhanonii taya kaarane simha zhala
na ye jwaal viishaal sanniidh konii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
Lord Rama acquired a form of a Lion God ( Narsimha) for protecting his devotee (Pralhada) . The great devotee, Prahlada, suffered much distress
From his father's tyranny; and besought the Lord's grace.
A lion's form He assumed to protect him,
With blazing flames around, none dared approach Him.
Know the Lord, proud of His devotee, never will fail him.
122 krupa bhaakitaa jahaala vajrapaani
taya kaarane vamanu chakrapaanii
dvijaakarane bhaargava chaappaanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
He became Waman for the sake of Indra.
He descended to earth as Parshurama for the protection of the intellectual class.
When implored by Indra, the king of gods,
The Lord turned into Vamana, a dwarf;
To protect the brahmin priests,
He, as Parasurama, wielded the axe; Never does He, in devotees' cause, ever relax.
123 ahalye sati laagii aaranyapanthe
kudaava pudhe dev bandii tayaate
bale soditaa ghaav ghaalii nishaanii
nupekshii kada ramdasa bhimaanii
Lord Rama set free Ahilya who became a rock following a curse of her husband.
Lord Rama also freed Gods from the shackles of Ravana.
Wrongly was Ahalya, the chaste wife, cursed,
Into a stone she turned; liberated soon, when by Rama's foot it was touched.
Imprisoned gods He freed, and mightily the drums resounded;
Ever proud of His devotees, never does He leave them wounded.
124 taye draupadii karane laagvege
tware dhaavatu sarv saanduni maage
kaliilaagi zhala ase bauddh maunii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
The Lord rushed for help leaving aside all matters when a call was made to him by Droupadi.
The Lord has descended as Goutam Buddha for the benefit of people in the Kali Age.
When Draupadi's honor was at stake, and implored His help,
Speedily He ran to her side, nothing could stop His step.
Incarnated Himself as Buddha , in this age of Ignorance,
Ever proud of His devotees, the Lord fulfils the fruit of their penance.
125 anaatha dinakaarane janmataahe
kalankii pudhe dev honaar aahe
taya varnitaa sheenlii vedvaanii
nupekshii kada dev bhaktaabhimaanii
Lord Rama takes birth on this earth for the protection of the afflicted.
Vedas are unable to comprehend him.
For the succor of the weak and the meek, incarnates the Lord,
Promise He has made to appear as Kalki, to spread divine accord;
All the scriptures failed to describe Him in words,
Ever proud of His devotees, to their salvation He shepherds.
126 janakaarane dev leelavataarii
bahutaamparii adare veshdhaarii
taya nenatii te jana paaproopi
duraatme maha nasht chaandaal paapii
Lord Rama descends to this earth in many forms for the sake of the good of the people at large.
People who do not understand him are sinners, evil and gone cases.
Playfully He assumes forms, for creation's joy of life,
Many forms He takes, many dresses He wears,
They know Him not, offending Him though for them He cares.
Evil and sinful, wicked and ruinous, their lives full of tears.
127 jagii dhanya to raam sookhe nivaala
katha aikataa sarv taleen zhala
dehebhavana raam bodhe udaalii
manovasaana raam roopii budaalii
He is worth living who experiences the bliss of Lord Rama's existence.
He is worth living who listens to the stories of Lord Rama.
He is worth living who has raised his concious from the level of his body to reach the level of Lord Rama.
He is worth living who has merged all his desires in Lord Rama.
Blessed is one, abiding in peace chanting Rama's name;
Wholly immersed in listening to His glory and fame.
Forgets the body by the communion with Rama,
And drowns the earthly desires in the divine balm.
128 mana vasana vasudevii vaso de
mana vasana kaam sangii naso de
mana kalpana vaaugii te na kii je
mana sajjanii vastii kii je
Let our mind dwell on Lord Rama.
Let us shun selfishness.
Let us not indulge in evil designs.
Let us honestly remain in the association of the honest people.
Oh Mind! in the Truth bring all your desires to rest,
Oh Mind! drive away all your desires from the sensual quest;
Oh Mind! know the fantasies of the mind to be vain,
Oh Mind! saintly you are, with saints would live in fain.
129 gatii karane sangatii sajjanachii
matii palate sumatii durjanaachii
rati naayikechaa pati nasht aahe
mahnonii manaateet hovonii raahe
Let us remain in the company of honest people for the sake of better tommorrow.
Good thoughts can trasform an evil person.
He who always likes sensual pleasures is a gone case.
Let us learn to rise above the temperament of the moment.
For freedom from bondage, on saintly company rely,
Even wicked minds change, when on them noble ideas ply.
Destroyed are the passions, fit for animal and demon,
Making room for feelings, worthy of the divine human.
130 mana alp sankalp tohii nasava
sada satya sankalp chittii vasava
janii jalp vikalp tohii tyajaava
ramakaanti ekaantkaalii bhajaava
Dont plan rubbish.
Let the mind always dwell on the truth.
Let us stop babbling amidst people.
Let us hold Lord Rama in our mind always.
Oh Mind! root out the passions leaving no trace,
In your heart shelter truth, and nothing else embrace;
Vain debate and doubts in God subdue,
In solitude worship Rama, with His name your mind imbue.
131 bhajava janii pahata raam aiku
karii baan aiku mukhii shabd aiku
kriya pahata uddhare sarv loku
dhara janaki nayakacha viveku
Lord Rama does what he says.
He works for the emancipation of the whole world.
Let us understand and praise Lord Rama.
Let us hold the hero of Sita at the level of our conscience.
Worship Rama, embodiment of the truth supreme,
Unfailingly He hits the target, by a single word, or an arrow;
His deeds as your guide, salvation is sure to follow.
Of Him alone think, no effort can seem extreme.
132 vichaarunii bole vivanchuuni chaale
tayacheni santapta tehii nivaale
bare shodlyaaveen bolo nako ho
janii chalane shuddh nemast raaho
Lord Rama acts after due meditation.
He who has an agitated mind becomes calm after remembering
Lord Rama. Let us not speak without knowing the truth.
Let our actions amidst people be pure and proportionate.
Who seeks before speaking, and acts after thinking,
Can calm the angry creatures, and save them from sinking.
Listen! therefore, speak only after honest search,
May purity of actions be your motive, for all its worth.
133 haribhakt viirakt vignyaan raashii
jene manasii sthaapile nishchayasii
taya darshane sparshane punya jode
taya bhashane nasht sandeh mode
The devotee of Lord Rama is detached from the world, he understands the truth and has a strong determination.
Our stock of merit rise if we see such devotee.If we talk with him then our confusion ends.
Repositories of dispassion and intuition are the devotees,
Their minds anchored to His name, from bondage to final release.
Whose sight and touch verily showers grace,
Whose very words dispel doubts apace.
134 nase garv angii sada viitraagii
kshama shaantii bhogii dayadaksh yogii
nase lobh na kshobh na dainyavaana
ihii lakshanii jaanije yogiraana
A true devotee is free from greed, passion and misery. Carries no conceit, nor passions for earthly pleasures,
In pardon and peace rejoices, compassion and communion his treasures;
Bereft of greed and anger never can misery touch him,
These are the signs of a king of the seraphim.
135 dharii re mana sangatii sajjanachii
jane vrutti he palate durjanaachii
bale bhaav sadbuddhi sanmaarg laage
mahakruur to kaal vikraal bhange
Let us have association with good people.
This will render change in our way of thinking.
This will purify our mind and intellect.
This will help us attain salvation and win over the death.
Oh my dear Mind! in holy company alone abide,
Even wickedness transmutes, such powers there reside;
With vigor do faith and virtue blossom, in thought and in deed,
Merciless and terrifying Death, crushed is its sting indeed.
136 bhaye vyapile sarv bramhaand aahe
bhayaatiit te sant anant paahe
jaya pahata dwaita kaahii disena
bhay manasii sarvathaahii asenaa
Everyone in this world is shivering with fear.
The good people who can see the truth do not have fear.
Let us find him who will end our state of separation.
Let us find him who will remove fear from our mind.
Filled with fear this world seems to be,
But the saint perceives only the fearless infinity.
Seeing That, the sense of duality does vanish;
From the mind, fear utterly banish.
137 jiva shreshth te spasht saangonigele
parii jeev agnyaan taisichi thele
dehebuddhiche karm khote talena
june thevne miipane aakalenaa
The great people have told the truth in very clear terms.
Still we cannot understand.
We cannot raise our conscious beyond our body.
We cannot see the truth due to the ego we have.
Pellucid was the teaching of the great sages,
Yet remained ignorant creatures, their intellect in dark cages.
Faithless deeds they could not escape, mired in the embodied ego,
Eternal Truth they could not grasp, self-conceit they would not let go.
138 bhrame naadhale vitta te gupt zaale
jiva janma daaridrya thaakuuni aale
dehe buddhicha nishchayo jya talena
june thevane miipane aakalena
We have lost the treasure due to our delusion.
Now we are rendered poor.
He who cannot raise his conscious beyond his body cannot see the truth.
Hard to reach , for the delirious mind, the concealed wealth;
Impoverished it is born again, without the hope for health.
Plunged in bodily pleasures, and resolved not to quit,
The ancient Wisdom it cannot grasp, the ego keeps the mind unlit.
139 pudhe paahata sarva hii kondalese
abhaagyaas he durshya pashaan bhaase
abhave kada punya gaathii padena
june thevane miipane aakalena
We cannot see the wealth hidden all around.
We cannot see the truth. If we do not have faith then we cannot earn any merit.
Though self-evident, and pervades all existence,
Unfortunate is the one, who only matter sees and not his own ignorance.
For want of faith worthy deeds turn sour,
The wealth of eternal truth lies hidden from the ego's heady power.
140 jayache taya chukle praapt naahii
gune govile jahale dukh dehii
gunaavegalii vruttii tehii valena
june thevane miipane aakalena
We are not able to get back to the state we have lost.
We are entangled here and there.
ъOur mind is not capable of getting out of delusion.
Mistaking the Spirit for Matter, the Spirit eludes the creature,
Misery the body suffers, for bondage is its chief feature.
Fails the inspiration to free the mind of its bonds,
The ancient Truth escapes it, when to the ego it redounds.
141 mhane daas saayaas tyaache karave
janii jaanataa paay tyaache dharave
guru anjaneveen te aakalena
june thevane miipane te kalena
We should offer us to the service of the wise person who knows the truth.
We should grasp his feet.
We cannot see unless an enlightened person guides us.
Says this servant of Rama, with faith serve the sage,
Bow down at the feet in reverence, no matter what the age;
With your sight blinded by ignorance, that wisdom is hard to grasp,
The sage alone can restore the sight, releasing you from the ego's clasp.
142 kalena kalena kalena dhalena
dhale naa dhale sanshyohii dhalena
galena galena ahantaa galenaa
bale aakalena milena milena
We are not capable of understanding the truth.
We are not capable of experiencing the truth.
We are not capable of dispelling confusion from our mind.
We are not capable to renounce our ego.
It appears that it is beyond our power to understand Lord Rama.
Thrice I repeat, comprehend you will not,
Thrice again I repeat, doubt you will dispel not,
If self-conceit you drop not, though repeatedly warned,
You will neither find it, nor understand it,
It shines when the ego is not born.
143 avidyagune manava umajenaa
bhrame chookale hiit te aakalena
pariikshevine baandhle drudh naane
parii satya mithya ase kon jaan
We cannot understand due to delusion.
We are confused and unable to decide our interest.
We have accepted the currency notes without verifying the validity.
Ignorance clouds the intellect, wisdom's light dimmed,
Strays from the path of wisdom, search for freedom stilled.
Firmly holds the wealth of knowledge, with inquiry imperfect,
Separates not true from false, readily welcomes false and the true reject.
144 jagii pahataa saach te kaay aahe
atii adare satya shodhuun paahe
pudhe pahata pahata dev jode
bhrame bhraanti agyaan he sarv mode
What is the truth? Let us explore in the world.
Let us find out with the full devotion of mind.
If we move in this manner then we will realise God.
This way we will do away with all our ignorance and confusion.
What in this universe is true for all time?
Persistent inquiry alone will take you to that peak sublime;
Communion with truth,by and by, then will shine,
All the false notions, born of ignorance, to oblivion consign.
145 sada viishayo chintitaa jiiv jaala
ahambhaav adnyaan janmaas aala
viveke sada swaswaroopii bharave
jiva ugamii janma nahii swabhaave
We are always concerned about the sensual pleasures.
Ego and ignorance is rising in our mind. Let us tame our mind with conscience. Let us understand our true self.
In constant thoughts of pleasures lies the origin of creatures,
Rooted in egoism and ignorance, they adorn their features;
Unceasing discrimination will fill you up with your true nature,
For truth is deathless, and to birth it offers no signature.
146 dise lochani te nase kalpkodii
akasmaat aakaarle kaal modii
pudhe sarv jaaiil kaahii na raahe
mana sant anant shodhuni paahe
What appears to our eyes is not the truth. We are nursing our body with great care but death may destroy it any moment.
Let us try to find out the infinite and all-pervading truth.
What exists for the eyes, disappears in time,
Whatever formed gets destroyed, nothing does death decline.
Transience lies in falsehood, nothing remains behind,
Oh Mind! seek the infinite truth, learn from the sages kind.
147 futena tutena chalena dhalena
sada sanchale miipane te kalena
taya ek roopaasi dooje na saahe
mana sant anand shodhuni paahe
That element which cannot break or move is there.
That is there but we stand separated from that due to our ego.
Let us drive out this ego from our mind.
It breaks not like a pot, nor like a string,
It moves not by itself, nor by anything,
Pervades all time and space, unperceived by the ego,
Firmly it stands alone, brooking nothing else beside,
Oh Mind! seek the infinite truth, with the sages by your side.
148 niraakaar adhaar bramhaadikaancha
jaya saangta sheenlii ved vaachaa
viveke tadaakaar houuni raahe
mana sant anant shodhuni paahe
This element is formless. It is the support for Brahmas and others.
This element cannot be comprehended by Vedas.
Let us reach out that element on the basis of conscience.
Formless, yet supports all the gods, even of creation and others;
The vedas sang its glories, from fatigue they fell to silence,
Separate the deathless from the transient, in the deathless abide,
Oh Mind! seek that infinite truth, with the sages by your side.
149 jagii paahata charmachakshii na lakshe
jagii paahata gnyaanchakshii nirakshe
janii paahata paahane jaat aahe
mana sant anant shodhuni paahe
We cannot see the all-pervading element with our eyes.
We can see it through the eyes of knowledge.
When we see that element then we lose our existence.
Seeing they view it not, these this body's eyes,
Yet with the sight of knowledge, it is transparent to the wise.
The physical sight withdraws, when the eye of wisdom sees,
Oh Mind! seek the infinite truth, bow to the sages without cease.
150 nase piit naa shwet naa shyaam kaahii
nase vyakta avyakta naa niil naahii
mhane daas vishwaastaa mukti laahe
mana sant anant shodhuni paahe
That element is neither yellow nor white nor black.
It niether appears nor has it disappeared.
Let us find that element.
Let us attain to the state of eternal bliss.
Color it has none, neither yellow, nor white, nor black,
Neither seen nor unseen, the sky's blue it lacks;
Says this devotee of Rama, faith will fetch the freedom,
Oh Mind! seek the infinite truth, seek the sages' kingdom.
151 khare shodhitaa shodhitaa shodhitaahe
mana bodhitaa bodhitaa bodhitaahe
parii sarv hii sajjanacheniyoge
bara nishchayo pavije saanuraage
Let us find the truth.
Let our mind experience the truth.
All this is possible through association with good people.
Let us have a strong determination and let us focus on our purpose.
Forever search for the true essence,
Oh Mind! seek the counsel to slay your insipience,
Verily the truth can be grasped, follow the sage's path,
Resolve this very moment to immerse yourself
In beatitude, and in love's bath.
152 bahutaamparii kuusarii tatwajhaada
parii antarii pahijeto nivaada
mana saar saachaar te vegle re
samastaamadhe ek te aagle re
We may impress others through effective speaking.
But let us understand the truth.
The gist of the truth is good action.
Let us have courage to act honestly.
Discern in all creatures the essence pervasive,
Apprehend it in the depth of your heart, with the mind intuitive;
Oh my dear Mind! that essence is different from everything you know,
Uniquely one it is, singular in all creation's flow.
153 navhe pindgnyaane navhe tatwadnyaane
samadhaan kaahii navhe taanmaane
navhe yogyaage navhe bhog tyaage
samadhaan te sajjanaacheni yoge
Our mind cannot become stable after learning physics, chemistry, philosophy and other such sciences in isolation.
Niether can undertaking penance or renunciation can make it stable.
The mind becomes stable only in the association with good people.
Neither knowledge of the body, nor of philosophy,
Nor of musicology, will contentment yield,
Not asceticism, not sacrifices, nor giving up pleasures of the body,
Service to the sages render, and be with contentment filled.
154 mahavakya tatwadike panchkarne
khune paavije sant sange vivarne
dwitiiyesi sanket jo daavijeto
taya saandunii chandrama bhaavijeto
The great mantras, the great philosophies, everything we can understand in association with the good people.
They tell us their experience and guide our way.
Words of wisdom, philosophy, & creation of the elements,
These are only signposts, sages use for enlightenment;
Worship that essence they point to, dropping them on the way,
Like ignoring the signpost of the tree or star,
To show the waxing moon's crescent on the second day.
155 disena janii techii shodhuuni paahe
bare paahtaa gooj tethechi aahe
karii gheu jaata kada aadhalenaa
janii sarv kondaatle te kalena
Let us try to find out the element that is invisible.
There lies the secret.
We cannot just hold it exclusively with us.
That element is all-pervading.
Invisible to the eyes is that essence, seek that alone,
Within your own heart lies that secret truth,
Discerned when the mind is honed;
Never can you find it, trying to grasp it in your hands,
Though pervading all creation, hard it is to understand.
156 mhane jaantaa to janii moorkh paahe
atarkaasii tarkii asa kon aahe
janii miipane paahataa paahavenaa
taya lakshitaa vegle raahavenaa
He who calls himself a learned person is a fool.
The element that we have been talking about is beyond logic.
So no one can explain it logically.
One who does not have any ego can realise that element.
The moment that element is realised, the identity of the person who realises gets merged with that element.
Says the sage, one who says one sees the truth, is indeed a fool,
Who there be among logicians, sees what transcends logic cool;
Blinded by the ego, it remains unseen to the sight,
One who truly sees it, into that one merges, seeing beyond the light.
157 bahuu shastra dhundaalitaa vaad aahe
jaya nishchayo yeka tohii na sahee
matii bhaandtii shaastra bodhe virodhe
gatii khunttii gnyaanbodhe prabodhe
There is no benefit in reading lot of books.
This may affect our determination.
Our mind may go against the Shastras if our mind becomes agumentative after reading a lot.
This will hamper our progress of self-realisation.
Search all the scriptures, vast and seemingly endless,
Inconclusive their end, intolerant and senseless.
Disputations aplenty, opinionated contradictions abound,
Sleep in the field of ignorance, but awake is the sage living the wisdom sound.
158 shrutii nyaay miimaasake tarkshaastre
smruti ved vedaantvaakye vichitre
swaye shesh maunaavalaa stheer raahe
mana sarv janiiv sanduuni paahe
Shrutis, Laws, Mimansas, Shastras, Smrities,
Vedas are very difficult for one to understand.
Even the great Shesh who is the seat of God Vishnu shuts his thousand mouths and maintains silence on this matter.
Therefore likes of us do not have any scope for ego.
Scriptures, logic, codes of conduct, and of debate,
Myths, and astounding conclusions philosophies asseverate,
Stilled to silence all the speaking tongues
Trying to describe the essence of existence,
Oh Mind! give up the conceit of knowledge, discern it with diligence.
159 jene makshikaa bhakshilii jaanivechii
taya bhojanaachii ruchii praapt kaichii
ahambhaav jyaa manasiichaa virenaa
taya gnyaan he ann potii jirenaa
A person is eating a very delicious food.
With the last morcel he eats a fly.
All the good taste of the meals is now gone.
Similarly one who is egoistic cannot have any knowledge.
Egotism is like the impurity of a fly in the food,
Never can its swallower find the taste good;
Whose mind cannot shake off the impurity of conceit,
Will never digest the food of wisdom, until exists the egotist.
160 nako re mana vaad haa khedkaarii
nako re mana bhed nana vikaarii
nako re mana shiikavuu puudhilaansii
ahambhaav jo raahila tuujapaasii
Let us not indulge in debates that make us feel sad.
Let us not have the habbit of useless analysis and hair-splitting.
What to teach others when we have ego with us.
Oh my dear Mind! indulge not in debates, the cause for grief,
Oh my dear Mind! divisive thoughts dispel, for afflictions' relief;
Oh my dear Mind! dispense no advice to others,
Rid yourself of the ego, the root of all fears.
161 ahamtaagune sarv hii dukh hote
mukhe bolile gnyaan te vyartha jaate
sukii raahta sarv hii sukh aahe
ahantaa tujhii tunchii shodhuun paahe
Ego causes all sorrows. Ego renders all knowledge useless. A peaceful mind is the abode of bliss. Let us realise our true self. Roots of grief in egotism lie,
Wasted are words of wisdom prefixed by 'my',
In egotism's death lies beatitude, the joy supreme,
Only you can search the ego's roots, to the depths extreme.
162 ahantaagunii niiti saandii vivekii
aniitiibale shlaaghyataa sarv lokii
parii antarii sarvhii saaksh yete
pramaanantre buddhi saanduuni jaate
He who is egoist does not abide by ethics.
He may earn a name amidst people.
But his mind experiences uneasiness.
He who has ego does not accept any evidence against his opinion.
Virtue in conduct dies, when egotism invades the intellect,
Lost is all the nobility, when ego chooses virtue to desecrate.
The truth abides in the heart, witness of the acts,
Deprived of intellect and intuition, the human succumbs to the facts.
163 dehebhuddhichaa nishchayo drudha jalaa
dehaatiit te hiit saandiit gela
debuddhi te atmabuddhi karavii
sada sangatii sajjanachii dharaavii
He who is entangled in sensual pleasures loses his larger interest.
Our conscious should not be at the level of our body.
It should be at the level of truth.
Firmly rooted in the idea, of the body as the ultimate,
Cast out was the spirit, the beatitude of the immaculate.
Whole awareness transform, from the body to the spirit-self,
Learn it from the sages, to view the whole universe as your very own Self.
164 mane kalpilaa viishayo sodvava
mane dev nirguun to olkhaavaa
mane kalpitaa kalpana te saravii
sada sangatii sajjanachii dharaavii
Let us free our mind from the tangle of sensual pleasures.
Let us understand the all-pervading God.
Let us shun false imaginations.
Let us have assciation with good people.
Thoughts of bodily pleasures from your mind forsake,
Discern that truth transcendent, the only thought the mind should make.
All other thoughts remove from your mind's view,
Learn it from the sages, never their company shall you rue.
165 dehaadiik prapanch haa chintiyelaa
parii antarii lobh nishchint thela
harii chintane mukti kaantaa karavii
sada sangatii sajjanachii dharaavii
One who indulges in sensual pleasures keeps his mind after senses.
Let us attain salvation by dwelling our mind on Shri Hari.
Constant thoughts of pleasures, of the body and senses others,
On them thrives greed in the heart, and the spirit withers.
Ever reflecting on Hari's name, court the bride of freedom,
Forever seek the company of sages, wed the bride in their kingdom.
166 ahankaar vistaarlaa ya dehaachaa
striyaaputramitraadike moh tyaancha
bale bhraanti he janma chintaa haraavii
sada sangatii sajjanachii dharaavii
In the begining one is concerned about himself.
Later he is concerned about wife and children.
Let us come out of such worries.
Let us have association with good people.
Egotism dwells on the body, spreading far and wide,
Spouse, children, friends, and others, in your infatuation bide.
Away with this delirious worry, the vortex of birth and death,
Learn it in the company of sages, peace and joy their very breath.
167 bara nishchayo shaashvataachaa karava
mhane daas sandeh to viisaraavaa
ghadiine ghadii saarthakaachii karavii
sada sangatii sajjanachii dharaavii
Let our determination rest on the ever-lasting spirit.
Let us stop getting confused.
Let us put every moment of our life to good use.
Resolutely discern the eternal essence,
This servant of Rama says, give up the doubt of god's existence.
Spend each passing moment in truth's contemplation,
Serve the wise sages, their blessings akin to liberation.
168 karii vrutti jo sant to sant jaana
duraashaagune jo navhe dainyavaanaa
upadhii dehebuddhiite vaadhviite
parii sajjanaa kevi baadhuu shake te
He is good who is good at heart and who does not yield to bad ideas.
If we praise someone then his ego rises.
If we praise a good person he is not affected.
Immersed in that essence is the one called a saint,
Not the one whose miserable mind wicked desires taint;
Afflictions grow when body is made the final quest,
Unaffected is the sage, who seeks the spirit
Of wisdom as the supreme rest.
169 nase ant aanant santaa pusaava
ahankaarvistaar haa niirasaava
guneviin nirguun to athavava
dehe buddhicha aathavuu naa thavava
Let us take refuge at the feet of a good preceptor for knowing the infinite spirit.
Let us not expand our ego.
Let us dwell on the eternal spirit in our mind.
Let us not go after sensual pleasures.
Ask the sages what is endless and infinite,
Uproot the ego to the very last bit;
Dwell on the essence that transcends words,
Shrink to nothingness the thought of the body,
That the mind may the spirit gird.
170 dehe buddhi he gnyaan bodhe tyajaavii
viveke taye vastuchii bhetii ghyaavii
tadakaar he vruttii naahii swabhaave
mhanoni sada techi shodhiit jaave
Let us have the knowledge that will end our attachment to sensual pleasures.
Let us deal with everything with conscience.
The mind becomes restless when it dwells on the sensual pleasures.
Let us understand our true self.
Mind's infatuation with the body overcome
By discernment of the essence of existence,
The nature of the mind is to be divisive,
Till mergence in the essence, march on! as long as you live.
171 asey saar sachaar te chorilese
ihii lochanii pahataa drushya bhaase
niraabhaas nirgun te aakalenaa
ahantaagune kalpitaahii kalenaa
If we do not undertake the good work then we cannot realise the eternal spirit.
We cannot look at the eternal spirit with our eyes.
One can never realise the eternal spirit who has ego in mind.
Truly the essence seems to hide,
When one views the world even with eyes wide;
Intangible it is, and attributeless too,
It escapes even imagination, egotism it cannot woo.
172 sfure viishayii kalpana te avidyaa
sfure brahma re jaan maya suvidyaa
mulii kalpana do rupe techi jaalii
viveke tarii swaswaroopii milaalii
He who goes after the sensual pleasures is ignorant.
He who has knowledge realises the eternal spirit.
Let us try to realise our true self.
Ignorance inspires ideas of pleasures,
Oh dear one! Know that as true knowledge
That illumines reality, and unreality measures.
In the primal thought is born the duality of I and It,
They both merge in the Supreme That,
When discernment makes ignorance quit.
173 swaroopii udela ahankaar raaho
tene sarv aachhadile vyom paaho
dishaa paahta te nisha vaadhtaahe
viveke vichaare vivanchuuni paahe
Ego is what has separated us from the eternal spirit.
Ego is the cause for craving for sensual pleasures.
Let us think on this point.
When the ego sprouts in the awareness,
It covers the whole view of space;
In all directions it spreads darkness,
Thoughtfully discern the source, the darkness to displace.
174 jaya chikshane laskhitaa lakshvenaa
bhava bhakshitaa rakshitaa rakshvenaa
kshyaatiit to akshayii moksh deto
dayadaksh to saakshine paksh gheto
The truth cannot be seen with our eyes.
If we run after sensual pleasures then who can protect us?
One who is merciful observes whatever happens and is never involved in the happenings.
Invisible to the eyes, when you try to see it,
The universe it protects, and dissolves,
Whom it destroys, no one can save it;
Whom it protects no one can destroy it;
It decays not, it grants eternal freedom,
Embodies itself as compassion,
Protects its devotees with wisdom.
175 vidhii nirmita liihito sarv bhaalii
parii liihito kon tyaache kapalii
haruu jaalito lok sanhaarkaalii
parii shevtii shankaraa kon jaalii
God Brahma writes destiny of each and every one on their forehead.
But who writes the destiny of God Brahma on his forehead.
God Har destroys everything at the end.
But who is the destination of God Har?
Results follow deeds, destiny's records on foreheads writ,
That writer's destiny to write no one is fit!
Burned to dissolution this world, at the time of Armageddon,
Supreme stands Shiva, none can destroy His escutcheon.
176 jagii dvaadashaaditya he rudra akraa
asankhyaat sankhyaa karii kon shakraa
jagii dev dhundaalitaa aadhalenaa
jagii mukhya to kon kaisaa kalenaa
Similarly there are other Gods who are assigned their responsibilites.
Now how should we decide who is the best God?
Some gods can be counted,
Like the suns, and their attendants,
Some are too numerous to count;
The true god is hard to find despite search,
Who and how it is, is a mystery beyond the church.
177 tutenaa futenaa kada devraana
chalena dhalena kada dainyavaana
kalena valena kada lochanaasii
vasena disenaa janii miipanaasii
The eternal spirit remains in the place forever.
The spirit cannot be seen with the eyes.
Never does that essence divide or break,
Nor does it move, nor slip, nor to misery take.
Never is it ever visible to these eyes,
It tarries not, from the ego it hides.
178 jaya maanlaa dev to poojitaahe
parii dev shodhuuni konii na paahe
jagii paahta dev kotyaanukotii
jaya maanili bhakti je techi mothii
People worship the God whom they like.
But they do not try to find out the truth.
There are crores of Gods that are worshipped in this world.
Everone thinks that his devotion to the God is the best one.
One worships that one regards as god;
But no one seeks the essence,
Thus the numbers of gods is beyond count,
And each one regards one's own worship as paramount.
179 tinhii lok jethuuni nirmaan zhaale
taya devraayasi konii na bole
jagii thorlaa dev to chorlaase
guruveen to sarvathaa hii na diise
Let us try to realise that God who has created all the three worlds.
This greatest God is not visible without taking refuge at the feet of the preceptor.
Whence arose all the worlds,
To that addresses none;
That great One is hidden from us all,
None can see it, till to us the Teacher's grace call.
180 guru paahataa paahataa laksh kotii
bahusaal mantraavalii shakti mothii
manii kaamna chetake dhaatmaata
janii vyarth re to navhe muktidaata
There are crores of preceptors in this world.
They know many mantras and weld tremendous power.
They have desires and cravings in their mind.
They are of no use.
They cannot take their disciples to the state of salvation.
Countless numbers of teachers abound,
Adept in incantations and occult powers;
Who, by sorcery, can pleasures fulfil,
Also weave fabulous tales for the minds to fill.
Oh my dear Mind! vain are such teachers,
Incompetent for freedom in you to instill.
181 navhe chetku chalkuu dravya bhonduu
navhe nindakuu matsaruu bahktimanduu
navhe unmatuu vesanii sang badhuu
janii gnyaani yaa tochi sadhuu agaadhuu
A preceptor should not indulge in gimmicks.
He should not be after money.
He should not abuse others.
He should not have jealousy for others.
He should not be intoxicated with addiction of any sort.
He should not be like what we have said earlier.
He should have a good and indepth knowledge.
He should not indulge in spreading sparks of discontent here and there.
Not the sorcerer, nor the deceitful,
Nor the one greedy for wealth;
Not the reviler, nor the jealous,
Nor the one devotionless.
Not the insolent, nor the wicked,
Nor the one with dishonor afflicted.
That one alone released from all bonds
Is the incomprehensible sage of the beyond.
182 navhe vaaugii chaahutii kaam potii
triyeveen vachaaltaa techi mothii
mukhe bolilyasaarkhe chaaltaahe
mana sadguru tochi shodhuuni paahe
He should not just speak everything and do nothing.
He who acts on his words is a good preceptor.
We should take refuge at the feet of such preceptor.
Not one with the mind mired in vain gossip and lust,
Nor one who thinks garrulity and inaction as just;
But the one doing good deeds in accord with one's words,
Oh Mind! seek that teacher alone, the sage whom wisdom girds.
183 janii bahkt gnyaanii vivekii viraagii
krupaluu manasvii kshamavant yogii
prabhu daksh vyutpann chaaturya jaane
tayache niyoge samadhaan baane
He should have knowledge, conscience and detachment for the world.
He should be kind hearted, forgiving and he should control his mind.
He should gauge the depth of his disciples.
If we take refuge at the feet of such preceptor then we can get satisfaction.
The wise and discerning devotee, full of dispassion,
Self-controlled, forgiving, in communion divine, filled with compassion,
Mighty of will, vigilant, learned, and adept in daily deeds,
Such a sage's company keep, to imbue the mind with divinity indeed.
184 navhe techi jaale nase techi aale
kalo laagle sajjanaacheni bole
anirvaachya te vaachya vaache vadave
mana sant aanant shodhiit jaave
Now we are at the feet of a good preceptor.
Now we can realise the infinite truth.
What seemed to be nought brought forth being,
The sage's words led to its understanding;
The truth lies beyond words, but needs to be spoken about,
Oh Mind! search for that infinity, seek the sage to dispel your doubt.
185 lapave atii adare raam roopii
bhayaatiit nishchiint ye saswaroopii
kada to janii pahataahii disenaa
sada aikyato bhinnabhaave vasenaa
Let us hide in the abode of Lord Rama.
There are no fears and worries over there.
The abode of Lord Rama can be experienced though it is not visible to eyes.
Devoutly take cover in Rama's form,
Fearless and worry-free be, your true nature inform.
Never is it visible, despite all the searching,
Ever in unity it dwells alone, indivisible in its being.
186 sada sarvada raam sanniidh aahe
mana sajjana satya shodhuuni paahe
akhandiit bhetii raghuraaj yoguu
mana saandi re miipanaachaa viyoguu
Lord Rama is always standing near us.
Let us see the truth.
Let us unite with Lord Rama forever.
Let us shun ego that keeps us in separation from Lord Rama.
Rama is forever near you,
Oh Mind! wisely seek the truth,
Invoking Rama's presence every moment is true communion,
Oh my dear Mind! from Him end your separation
For which you need only your ego to abandon.
187 bhute pind brahmaand he aikya aahe
parii sarvhii saswaroopii na saahe
mana bhaasle sarv kaahii pahave
parii sang soduuni sukhii rahave
All the living beings are actually one with the Supreme Being. But that is not what our identity is. Let us observe whatever comes to our experience. Let us not get involved and be happy. This body and the universe, comprised of the same elements,
They taint not the true essence;
Oh Mind! whatever one sees is only an apparition,
Detach yourself from it, and enjoy divine benediction.
188 dehe bhaan he gnyaan shastre khudaave
videhii pane bhaktimaargechi jaave
viraktiibale nindya sarvai tyajaave
parii sang soduuni sukhii rahave
Let the knowledge remove conscious away from the sensual pleasures.
Let us devote to the truth.
Let us detach from the world.
Let us shun everything condemned in the world.
Let us not get involved.
Let us observe whatever takes place.
Uproot the bodily engrossment by the sword of knowledge,
Transcending the bodily awareness, march on, and to devotion pledge.
Whatever despicable blocks your march, that overcome by dispassion,
Give up all attachment, and enjoy the divine benediction.
189 mahii nirmalii dev to olkhaava
jaya paahataa moksh tatkaal jiiva
taya nirgunaalaagii gunii pahave
parii sang soduuni sukhe rahave
Let us understand the God who has created the world.
He who sees God becomes blissful.
Even when the God is formless still we can see him taking forms.
Let us maintain detachment and equanimity.
Recognise That, which made the world manifest,
Perceiving That, creatures gain freedom of eternal rest.
Observe That, adorned with qualities, all attachment abandon,
For the joy of divine benediction.
190 navhe karyakarta navhe srushtiibhartaa
purehoon partaa na limpe vivartaa
taya nirvikalpaasi kalpiit jaave
parii sang soduuni sukhe rahave
God is above the creator and the creation.
He does not get involved in anything.
He is without any form.
Let us dwell on him.
Let us get detached from the world and let us be happy by maintaining equanimity of mind.
Neither a doer, nor a guardian,
Unsulleid and supreme, beyond the seen and the unseen,
Ever thinking of the unthinkable, beyond all mention,
All attachment abandon, for the joy of divine benediction.
191 dehebuddhicha nishchayo jaya dhalena
taya gnyaan kalpaant kaalii kalena
parabrahma te miipane aakalenaa
manii shoonya adnyaan he maavalenaa
He who has conscious at the level of sensual pleasures can never understand the truth. The eternal spirit cannot be experienced by him who has ego. If we think that everything is blank then this is our ignorance. Whose engrossment in the physical form is firm,
Never, even at the end of time, will wisdom confirm.
That supreme truth the ego cannot understand,
Blank in wisdom stays the mind, ignorance never to end.
192 mana naa kale naa dhale roop jyaache
dujeveen te dhyaan sarvottamaache
taya khoon te heen drushaant paahe
tethe sang nissang donhii na saahe
We cannot understand him.
He never changes.
If we meditate on him then we merge in him.
God's form cannot be explained by citing wordly examples.
Whose form the mind can neither find, nor understand,
Mergence in that non-dual essence is indeed cotemplation grand;
No simile stands comparison with its grandeur,
Transcends both attachment and dispassion, its very nature pure.
193 navhe jaanta neentaa devraana
naye varnitaa vedshaastraa puraana
navhe drushya adrushya saakshii tayachaa
shrutii nentii nentii ant tyaachaa
He is beyond all consciousness.
He cannot be understood.
That does not mean that he is not there.
He is neither visible nor invisible.
He is observing all.
When a discussion of God starts in Vedas,
Vedas say that he is beyond all discussions.
Neither a knower nor a non-knower is the supreme god,
Not the scriptures, nor the myths
Could describe Him beyond a nod;
He is the witness of the seen, and the unseen,
They fathom not his farthest reach,
With words of wisdom or of paean.
194 vase hrudayii dev to kon kaisaa
puse aadare saadhakuu prashn kaisaa
dehe taakitaa dev kothe rahato
parii maagutaa thaav kothe pahato
Where does the God reside in our mind.
This is a question asked by a devotee.
He wants to know where the God will reside when our body falls.
At that time whether god will shift his place.
Abiding in the heart, who is that god and how is he?
Thus does the aspirant question respectfully;
When the body dies, where does he live?
Moreover, his whereabouts how does he give?
195 vase hrudayii dev to jaan aisa
na bhate pari vyaapakuu jaan taisaa
sada sanchaala yet naa jaat naahii
taya viin kothe ritaa thaav naahii
God in our mind is as wide as the sky.
He neither comes from anywhere nor goes to anywhere.
He is always there.
Nothing exists in this world without him.
Know that thus in the heart lives the god,
Like the sky, know thus he pervades all;
Pervasive in all, he neither comes nor goes,
Exists there no space without him, thus should one know.
196 nabii vavare anurenuu kaahii
ritaa thaav yaa raghaveveen naahii
taya paahata paahaaa techi jaale
tethe laksh aalaksh sarvei budaale
Whatever atoms and molecules are present everywhere there is no space without him.
He who looks at him is merged with him.
Now there is no scope for any differentiation.
Whatever moves in space, smaller than the smallest,
Exists not without Rama's presence, from the smallest to the largest;
Ever observing him, one merges into him, There the seen and the unseen dissolve,
Filled with truth to the brim.
197 nabhaasaarikhe roop ya raghavaache
manii chintitaa mool tuute bhavache
taya paahta dehbuddhi urenaa
sada sarvada aart potii purenaa
Lord Rama is like the sky.
If we remeber him then we get detached from the world.
Our conscious rises above the level of sensual pleasures after looking at him.
There cannot be any separation from him thereafter.
Akin to the sky is Rama's form,
On its contemplation, from death to eternal life transform.
Dispelled is the ignorance of body's reality,
Yearning to see it forever,
The thirst for its vision never ends in satiety.
198 nabhe vyaapile sarv shurshtiis aahe
raghunaayaka upama te na saahe
dujeviin jo tochi to haa swabhaave
taya vyapakuu vyarth kaise mhanave
The sky covers the universe.
Lord Rama is all-pervading spirit.
Therefore we cannot compare him with the sky.
Space pervades the whole universe,
Still inadequate the metaphor, for Rama can it transpierce.
Innately He stands alone, one without a second,
To call Him pervasive is logically unsound.
199 atii jiirna vistiirna te roop aahe
tethe tark sampark tohii na saahe
atii goodh te drudh tatkaal sope
dujeviin je khoon swami prataape
God is always in existence.
He is boundless.
He cannot be understood through logic.
A preceptor can merge us with the God.
Immeasurable time and space is truth's form,
Impossible to touch it by logic, it will not conform.
Though deeply profound, it yields to the vision
Nothing else but His power of grace alone can end the division.
200 kale aakale roop te gnyaan hota
tethe aatalii sarvsaakshii avasthaa
mana unmanii shabd kunthiit raahe
tore tochi to raam sarvatra paahe
He who realises Lord Rama finds him in existence everywhere. Wisdom dawns when knowledge is whole,
Even ends the witness state as a goal;
Oh Mind! words fail when mind surpasses itself,
Oh dear one! one sees Rama everywhere as one's own self.
201 kada olakhiimaji dooje disenaa
manii maansii dwait kahii vasenaa
bahutaa disaa aaplii bhet jaalii
videhii pane sarv kaaya nivaalii
Now there is no relevance of 'I' and 'You'.
A person who realises Lord Rama sees him everywhere.
Recognising one's own self everywhere,
One cannot perceive anything else;
The duality of oneself and another
Is dispelled from the mind forever.
After many an aeon did we meet together,
Peace filled the body, ending the body's dream that was never.
202 mana gooj re tuuj he praapt jhaale
parii antarii paahije yatna kele
sada shravane paavije nishchyaasii
dharii sajjanasangatii dhanya hosii
We are told the secret about the God.
But we should strive for realisation of God.
Let us associate with good people to make our existence worthwhile.
Oh my dear Mind! this secret you acquired
Only after the heart yearned and labored;
That beatitude seize with constant contemplation
And the company of the sages, for eternal redemption.
203 mana sarv hii sang soduuni dyaavaa
atii aadare sajjanaacha dharavaa
jayacheni sange maha dukh bhange
jagii sadhaneviin sanmaarg laage
Let us have detachment for the world.
Let us associate with good people with full honour.
Good association will end our sorrows.
Good association will keep us on the right track.
Oh Mind! abandon all attachment,
Respectfuly follow the sages, masters of detachment;
In whose company, even the greatest grief dissolves,
And tread the path of truth, and no penance involves.
204 mana sang haa sarvsangaas todii
mana sang haa moksh taatkaal jodii
mana sang haa sadhakaa sheeghra sodii
mana sang haa dwait nishshesh modii
Good association results in detachment from the world.
Good association leads to salvation.
Oh Mind! Devout attachment to the sage
Removes the ties of bondage;
Oh Mind! instant freedom is the prize you win
And give up the penance to remove the sin.
To dispel the last trace of duality
Devotion to the sages has no parity.
205 manachii shate aikataa dosh jaatii
matiimand te sadhana yogya hotii
chadhe gnyaan vairaagya saamarthya angii
mhane daas vishwaas taa mukti bhogii
Let us remove impurities of our mind by listening to the verses for mind.
Let us transform our conscious that is dull into an alert one.
Let us gain knowledge, detachment to the world and ability of mind by listening to the verses for mind.
Let us follow the royal path for attaining salvation.
These two-hundred verses addressed to the mind,
Practised with faith, will cut the ties that bind.
Those without faith will penance seek,
Knowledge, dispassion, and will, shall adorn the meek;
Thus says this servant of Rama,
Faith will bring the Freedom, the everlasting joy's peak.
  jaya mukti chi vaasna purna aahey
taya chi guru cha padi vrutti raahe
laye lakshita te swarupi sarave
sawam jyoti purna prakashe swabhave
mani huni ya davila sarv ehva
sada sarvda aachri nij seva
guru che ghari jhaadito sarvito
mala to game bhutlee charvito
pada twam pada tadpada kahi nene
tuva bodhile dhyante ekjaane
khata top aatoop takuni raahe
trikaali sada paay tujhe chi paahe
najyet paasi na jayet paasi
najayechi kaashi na jaye gaye shi
guru chintane vin na kothe jave
trikali sada paay tujhe chi paahe
kale aakale roop te gnyaan hota
tithe aatli sarva sakshi awastha
mana unmane shabd kunthit raahe
swave bhakti ne raam sarvatra paahe
swave bhakti ne raam sarvatra paahe
swave bhakti ne raam sarvatra paahe
Jay Jay Raghuveer Samarth!!
  .. jaya jaya raghuviira samartha ..
  Source : Source :                                                                                    The text is to be used for personal studies and research only. Source : Translations are by Sunder Hattangadi                            The text is to be used for personal studies and research only.









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